Mihail Fillipov

Picture of Mihail Fillipov

Date of Birth: 08/15/1947

Age: 69

Place of birth: Moscow

Citizenship: Russia


Author: Igor BIN

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People`s Artist of Russia (1996)

Laureate of Moscow (1997, for the theatrical role)

Winner of the Award for Best Supporting Actor at the film festival "Constellation" (1997, for his role in the television series "St. Petersburg secrets")

Laureate of the State Prize (1999, for participation in the "Marriage" performance)

Winner of the "Three Sisters" (1999)

Cavalier of the Order of Honor for his years of work in the field of culture and art (2005)

The winner of "Crystal Turandot" in the nomination "Best Actor" (2010, for his role in the play "The privy councilor Secret Journal")

Start the way of life

Mikhail Filippov was born in Moscow on August 15, 1947. After school, the young man entered the Faculty of Moscow State University. During his studies he played in "Our House" student studio. Having established the idea that its purpose is the scene of the fourth year after Michael went to GITIS, which then successfully graduated in 1973.


Since 1973, Mikhail Filippov is an actor of the Moscow Mayakovsky Theater. During this time, they are many diverse roles were played: Abel Znorko "Enigmatic Variations"), Krugosvetlov ( "Fruits of Enlightenment"), Napoleon ( "Napoleon the First") Kharchenko ( "Rout"), Sancho Panza ( "The Man from La Mancha") , Pharmacist ( "Venceremos!"), De Quadra ( "Long live the Queen, viva!"), Lev Arzumanov ( "efficiency obsession"), KORZUKHIN ( "Running"), investigator ( "Lady Macbeth of the Mtsensk district"), Guper ( "Cat on a Hot Tin roof"), Robert ( "Look who came!"), Mchislavsky ( "Rumors") Mintou ( "Victoria ..?"), etc. Among them, -. and the main characters and supporting roles, and each actor is always organic, convincing.

With a truly hypnotic ability, he literally mesmerizing audiences with his playing. One of the best works of the actor - Kochkareva role in the play "Zhanitba", staged at the Theatre on Pokrovka. For her, Mikhail Ivanovich was awarded the State Prize of Russia.


In the movie, Mikhail Filippov made his debut in 1975, "Red and Black" Mr. Fouquet`s role in the film by Sergei Gerasimov. However, further novel with film somehow did not work out, and the talent of the actor could contemplate only theatergoers. Periodically on the screens the film-performances with his participation: "Interview in Buenos Aires", "Odessa Stories of Isaac Babel."

Filmmakers "spotted" the actor already in adulthood. At the turn of the 80s and 90s they were played such roles as: Gruzdev in the comedy "The Actress From Gribov," Krein in the film "Women who are lucky", Bob`s famous tragicomedy "Promised Heaven", Peter Chaadaev drama "It Sukhovo-Kobylin". In the late 90s the actor took part in two top-rated series "Isolation Petersburg Mysteries" (Pawnbroker Mordenko) and "D.D.D. Dossier detective Dubrovsky "(Vitaly Avdeyevich Irinarkhov).

Sought-after talent of the actor and the new Russian cinema. In the comedy Dmitry Tomashpolsky "Dzisay" director (2004) Mikhail Filippov brilliantly played a major role - businessman Dudypina. The protagonist, learning about ancient Japanese traditions, RS & S decides to create a user, ie, "Zhertvennogokozla remission" (Alexander Lykov), which will fall on all the ills and diseases intended host. The duo Phillip Lykov in this picture simply incomparable.

Among the other works of the actor: Alferov in the series "Children of the Arbat", Metropolitan Macarius in the historical drama "Ivan the Terrible", Major General Rostislav Bator in the drama "Crimson color of snow."


The first wife of Mikhail Ivanovich was Irina Y. Andropov, the daughter of the formidable head of the KGB and the future General Secretary of the CPSU Yuri Andropov. In this marriage a son, Dmitri.

The second time the knot Mikhail associated himself with the famous actress Natalia Gundarevoj. Natalia G. told me about her husband: "Misha came to the theater with my friends and former fellow student at the Theater School. Thus, we were in a single company. Was friends, arranged jokes, jokes. By the way, my husband - a man surprising humor. He knows a lot about good joke. To me, God has not given such wit, and I basically was just a performer. But I liked to take part in all of this. Then in the theater we have worked together, they realized: we need to live together ... "It so happened that the common children Natalia Bonner and Michael Ivanovich was not, but, nevertheless, their marriage was very happy.

In 2005, Natalia Gundareva passed away. Mikhail Ivanovich very hard suffered this tragedy, even lying in intensive care. However, life goes on, and four years later he again fortune smiled. In 2009, Mikhail Ivanovich registered relationship with 41-year-old actress of the theater, a charming Natalya Vasilyeva, of which this was the first marriage.


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