Mihail Dyakonov

Picture of Mihail Dyakonov

Date of Birth: 01/12/1856

Age: 63

Place of birth: Yekaterinburg

Citizenship: Russia


Deacons, Mikhail - historian of Russian law. Born December 31, 1855 graduated from the law faculty of St. Petersburg University. He was an assistant professor, then professor of history of Russian law at Tartu (Yuryev) University. In 1905 he was elected as a full professor at the St. Petersburg Polytechnic Institute at the Department of History of Russian law in connection with the history of the national economy and an associate of the Imperial Academy of Sciences on the Russian antiquities and history; since 1909 - an extraordinary, since 1912 - ordinary academician. Master`s thesis, "The power of Muscovy" (SPb., 1889) is a staple in our historical and legal literature, works on the history of political ideas and theories of the supreme power in ancient Russia. A detailed critique of this work is given on behalf of the Academy Professor SM Shpilevsky, in the "Report on the 33 th award-winning Count Uvarov." Subsequent works Dyakonova focused on the history of the population of Moscow Rus taxes. The result of research in this area was the first series of separate studies published in the "Journal of the Ministry of National Education", "On the history of peasant attachment" (1893, number 6), "Ladles Pomeranian counties" (1895, number 5), "Bobyli XVI - XVII ages "(1896,