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Date of Birth: 06/02/1894

Age: 80

Place of birth: Tbilisi

Citizenship: Georgia


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People`s Artist of the USSR (1948)

Honored Worker of Arts of Georgia (1941)

Winner of the Stalin Prize I degree (1941, film "Arsene")

Winner of the Stalin Prize I degree (1941, the film "The Great Glow")

Winner of the Stalin Prize I degree (1943, 1946 film "Georgy Saakadze")

Winner of the Gold Medal of the International Film Festival of Venice (1946, film "The Oath")

Winner of the Stalin Prize I degree film (1947, "The Oath")

Grand Prize Winner of the International Film Festival in Karlovy Vary (1950 film "The Fall of Berlin")

Winner of the Stalin Prize I degree (1950, film "The Fall of Berlin")

Winner of the Grand Prize International Film Festival in Karlovy Vary (1952, film "Unforgettable 1919")

comprehensively gifted person

Michael Chiaureli was unusually gifted man. He combined the talents of actor, painter, sculptor, played all the instruments, was a polyglot. His path in art began with the Tiflis school of painting and sculpture, which Michael graduated in 1916. In 1921 Mikhail Chiaureli participated in the organization of Revolutionary Satire Theater at the Georgian branch of GROWTH. Then two years he lived in Germany, where he studied sculpture workshops.

In 1924, Mikhail Chiaureli returned to Georgia. Until 1926 he worked in Tbilisi as a sculptor. His authorship belongs to the first sculpture of Lenin in Georgia.


In the movie, Michael Chiaureli started out as an actor, playing Arsene Dzhordzhiashvili in the same historical-revolutionary film director Ivan Perestiani about the events of 1905. This was followed by roles in the historical drama of the same Ivan Perestiani "Surami Fortress" (merchant Osman), in the film Vladimir Barsky "Nightmares of the past" (Harun), a comedy by Alexander Tsutsunava "Khanum" (Mito and Dato - nephews of the merchant), drama Amo Bek -Nazarova "Natella" (Jondi).

The early film work

Since 1926, Michael Edisherovich switches to the director`s work. Until 1928, he was an actor and director, "Red Theater" at the Proletkult. In parallel, from 1926 to 1941 Chiaureli worked as a director and artistic director he established the Georgian Theatre of Musical Comedy. And since 1928, he was also a director and Goskinproma Georgia (later - "Georgia-Film").

Directorial debut of Michael Chiaureli on the silver screen has become a historical-revolutionary film "The first cornet Venetian" (1928), which tells the awakening of the class consciousness of the old campaigners of the royal army on the Caucasian front in 1917. Among the early works of the director is to provide a satirical strip "Khabarda" (1931) and the first Georgian sound film "The Last Masquerade" (1934).

The great success of the director has brought a historical film "Georgy Saakadze" - a historical epic based on the work of A. Antonovsky a talented commander and a prominent statesman of Georgia. This two-part tape was twice awarded the Stalin Prize I degree (separately for each series).

The image of Stalin

From 1946 to 1955 Michael worked Chiaureli director at the studio "Mosfilm". To this period belong his paintings: "The Oath" (1946, USSR State Prize, 1947 Gold Medal at the International Film Festival in Venice, 1946), "The Fall of Berlin" (1949, USSR State Prize, 1950 Grand Prize of the International Film Festival in Karlovy Vary 1950 ) and "Unforgettable 1919" (1951, Grand Prize of the International Film Festival in Karlovy Vary, 1952). Later paintings of Michael Chiaureli been criticized as glorifying Joseph Stalin. Indeed, he created the image of the leader and the father of all nations, he had little to do with the real Stalin. However, in those years, they have had some success with the audience.

Later works in the movie

But later films directed by success with the audience on the contrary did not use. This applies to the political film "The General and Daisies" (1963) and the musical comedy "Other times now" (1965).

Perhaps feeling the need to change something, Mikhail Edisherovich turned to animation. His authorship belongs to such wonderful cartoons as "The singer of the dawn" (1968), "Rooster Surgeon" (1971), "Flea and the Ant" (1972), "A jug of oil" (1973), "How the mouse the cat buried" ( 1969 - an allegory on the theme of the funeral of Peter I).


The wife of Michael Edisherovicha - Veriko Andzhaparidze - was a famous Georgian actress. She acted as her husband`s films ( "The Fall of Berlin", "General and daisies" and others.) And in the paintings of other directors.

Even more is known of the daughter - a famous actress Sofiko Chiaureli brilliant performer of the main roles in "Khevsurian ballad" films, "Seek a woman", "A Million in a Wedding Basket" and others.


1921 Arsene Dzhordzhiashvili - actor

1922 Surami Fortress - actor

1925 Nightmares of the past - actor

1926 At the cost of thousands - actor

Khanuma 1926 - Actor

Natella 1926 - Actor

1928 The first cornet Venetian - director

1929 Saba - director

1929 In the last hour - director

1931 Khabarda! - Writer, director

1934 Last masquerade - writer, director

1936 Dariko - director

1937 Arsene - writer, director

1938 Great glow - writer, director

1942, 1943 George Saakadze - director

1946 Oath - writer, director

Fall of Berlin 1949 - writer, director

1951 The Unforgettable Year 1919 - writer, director

1957 Otarova widow - writer, director

1960 Story of one girl - writer, director

1963 General and daisies - director

1965 Other times now - writer, director

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