Mihael Volkonskiy

Picture of Mihael Volkonskiy

Date of Birth: 07/05/1860

Age: 57

Citizenship: Russia


The representative of the ancient princely family, leading their descent from Rurik. He graduated from the Imperial College of Law. The fame was as a writer, the author of popular historical novels and novels ( "Prince Nikita Feodorovich", "Maltese chain", "The will of fate," "The Ring of the Empress" and OE), as well as dramatic works (satirical opera "Vampuka, Princess of Africa" "touring Rychalova" and others.). Witty "Vampuka" was a huge success with the public. In 1892-1894 was the editor of the magazine "Niva", collaborated in "New time" and in various journals. In 1905-1906 he took part in the right satiric magazine "chorea", after it was banned in "Plyuvium" magazines and "Continuation of St. Vitus` dance."

He took an active part in the right-monarchist movement. From the first years of its existence it has been a member of the PC, and in 1904-1906 was a member of the Board of PC. Member of the PC in the first deputation Supreme reception December 31. 1904. But the most active, he participated in NRC activities, of which came shortly after the organization of the Union. He was a member of the NRC first meeting in Mikhailovsky Manege, collected, according to eyewitnesses, approx. 20 thousand. Pers., Gave a speech at the rally. August 25th. 1906, speaking at a private meeting of the PC, spoke about the vibrant and diverse activities of the NRC over the past summer. Bk. Volkonsky said that with each passing day increases the influx of members from the workers, that the members of the Union "more and more hardened in unconditional devotion to the Union flag; tremble before them overt and covert revolutionaries understood that numerous and strong public organization, acting through peaceful means, unbending in his confession, is the main obstacle to the triumph of lovers destructive revolutionaries began. " In March - April. 1906 was nominated as a candidate for the electors to the State Duma of the PC, the NRC and the Party of the national center in St. Petersburg. "Russian banner" For some time was editor of the newspaper NRC authority.

The delegate of the 3rd All-Russian Congress of Russian People in Kiev, October 1-7. 1906 (All-Russian Congress of the People of the Earth Russian) from the St. Petersburg Union of Russian Workers. At the 4th All-Russian Congress of Russian People in Moscow on April 26. - May 1, 1907 (All-Russian Congress of the United Russian People) did not attend due to illness, delegates welcomed his telegram. Bk. Volkonsky participated in the works of the Yaroslavl meeting (3rd Meeting of the private office of the Union of Russian People in Yaroslavl on 8-10 March 1909), as chairman of the St. Petersburg department of the province of the NRC. The meeting was very active. In one of his speeches he said the meeting of the contrast from the previous Congresses, when the Union requests the government. Now, the right should show the government that they can do so with the right government considered how to force that government itself may have something to give, and will not only ask. He played well on the emerging secret societies. In the discussion of the draft resolution proposed on the necessity of the strict supervision of enforcement of prohibitive laws of the Jews, and also proposed to develop a badge NRC member.

After the split in the NRC withdrew from active participation in the monarchist organizations.