Mihael Bodisko

Picture of Mihael Bodisko

Date of Birth: 05/03/1803

Age: 64

Citizenship: Russia


He was brought up in the Sea Cadet Corps, which he entered 25.06.1812, midshipman - 06.23.1817, non-commissioned officer - 02.16.1820, promoted to warrant officers and defined in 1 naval crew - 23/02/1820, transferred to the Guards - 03/15/1823, was adjutant to the Minister of marine (1823), from 1817 to sail the Baltic sea, on the frigate "Prompt" in 1823 sailed to Iceland and England, in 1824 - to France and Gibraltar.

Member of the secret "Society of Guards", a member of the Northern Society were not party to the uprising at Senate Square.

He was arrested the morning of 15.12.1825 led. Vol. Pavlovich Mikhailov and 16.12 was held at the main guardhouse, transferred to the Peter and Paul Fortress - 03/01/1826, initially located in one of the casemates curtain between the bastion of Catherine I and Trubetskoy, 30.1 shown in