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Citizenship: Philippines

Leading Corporate Lawyer of the Philippines

Miguel Varela - Outstanding Filipino corporate lawyer and specialist on management. Known as president and chairman of the Philippine Chamber of Commerce and Industry, the largest business organization in the country. In parallel, it has been president of the Confederation of Filipino employers - the country`s largest association of this kind.

Education Varela received first in the College of San Beda, then in the Ateneo de Manila University; Miguel in the latter was awarded the bachelor`s degree of law. Later Varela successfully completed a course on the management and productivity of the Asian Institute of Management. Among other things, Miguel studied the issues of management, organizational development, productivity, legal, management, labor and industrial relations, and the development of small and medium-sized businesses. Part of courses that are attended Varela, paid for by the International Labor Organization in Geneva, Switzerland (Geneva, Switzerland) and the Asian Productivity Organization.

Being a pretty talented corporate lawyer and specialist in the theory and practice of management, Varela had consistently change a number of positions. He served as president and chairman of the Philippine Chamber of Commerce and Industry, the presidency of the Council `HK Securities`,` Transunion Corporation` President and Director of `Director of Union Industries, Inc.`, director of` Acoje Holdings, Inc` and `Mabuhay Vinyl Corporation` , the president `The Lumier Group` and Vice-President of corporate Affairs` General Diesel Corporation`.

In the period from 1966 to 1970-th Miguel Varela worked as assistant manager of planning issledovaniyi Development in the Office of National Economy and Development.

Miguel Varela had time to do more large-scale, government-level activities. For a while he was a member of the board of directors of the Committee of Technical Education and Skills Development, responsible for sector employers and industry. He later became a member of the business committee of the National Committee of Labor Relations, a member of the Committee on issues of employers in the social security system, a member of the management and control issues in the Human Resources and the National Council of Youth. In workers` compensation Committee Varela again represented the employers, as well as at the Council on labor and health protection. Finally, from 1967 to 1972-th Varela was the director of the National Economic Council.

Enumerating the diplomatic wing positions that he held Varela, pervymdelom worth remembering about his speech as a delegate from the Philippine employers at the International Labour Conference. Later, Miguel has participated in various international events - both as an ordinary member, and as a lead delegate. Among other things, Varela performed in China (China) and Malaysia (Malaysia), Brunei (Brunei) and Singapore (Singapore), Japan (Japan), and Indonesia (Indonesia), United States (USA), New Zealand (New Zealand) and Hong Kong ( Hong Kong). Among the topics in the discussion which involved Varela, of particular note are management issues and challenges of top management, venture projects, free trade and social responsibility. The works in Paris, France (Paris, France) International Court of Arbitration Miguel Varela still stands as one of the regular referees.