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Date of Birth: 01/01/1939

Age: 77

Place of birth: Nice

Citizenship: France

All recognizable Angelica

Jocelyne was published January 1, 1939, under the sign of Capricorn, which foreshadowed her happy life and success in the work. From an early age the girl dreamed of a career of a ballerina, but strict father did not realize its aspirations, taking them for a children`s whim. A daughter did not leave their dream. And no wonder - classes at the ballet school taught her a lot, gave her royal become easy gait and instilled hard work.

From opera `krysenysha` so mockingly called the little girls who were dancing in the crowd at major ballet performances, she reached the main soloist of the Opera of Nice status. Then she moved to Paris. She enrolled in the famous troupe of Roland Petit, it was the soloist in the Ballet `Eiffel bashni`. Arte indulged in food, consciously went to deprivation but steadily moving towards its goal - first in ballerina`s career, and then - a film actress.

France finally drew attention to it. By the time Michelle has long and successfully competed with Sophia Loren and Gina Lollobrigida, continuously while filming in Italy. But she needed a role that would make her a real star.

This happened only in 1964. Spouses Golon wrote the novel `Angelica Marquis angelov`. The novel has gained incredible popularity among readers, and therefore a decision was made about his film adaptation. Michelle was cast Angelica. On the very same that was it so necessary. author of the novel, and behind them, and filmmakers have hit the mark. They guessed what awaited at the time of the mass audience: he wanted to survive, he would admire, laugh and cry, watching the screen for a beautiful, strong and weak at the same time - in love - a woman. Angelica immediately and unconditionally won audience hearts of both sexes. Now Michel Mercier would only see in films about Angelica.

At first she was flattered - it took as the queen wherever it may come from the film. For the first novel prolific A. and S. Golon wrote a few more, and they immediately turned into movies. For four years, Michelle starred in five films about Angelica, and finally beginning to tire of this role. But her arms were steel. The idea is that you can finally kill the character, but this would not have suffered the audience love. And they are not alone. Perdition Awnings angels did not want neither the authors nor the more producers. Their feelings of little interest, but they rubbed their hands, counting the charges, which brought `Anzhelika`. Why kill the goose that lays the golden eggs? However, they eventually realized that this story is time to leave.

Meanwhile, the role of Angelica, Michele Mercier has raised the crest of success, became the creative lifetime of the actress tomb. Trying to break away from the boring role, Michelle co-starred with Denis de la Pateler in `Thunder nebesnom`, where she was partnered by the great Jean Gabin, then at Christian-Jacques in the` second istine` with Robert Hossein. But the best time was lost. This was confirmed by its failures in three Hollywood films. As a result, she appeared in over forty films, Michel Mercier did not take place in the film is laid. It remained for all Angelica.

What it is not taught or years in ballet, or a career in the movies, it`s the ability to control men without losing their heads at the sudden rush of feelings. She is interested in blindly. She changed her betrayed. She suffered. Not by chance in `broken heart Anzheliki` - his autobiography - Michel wrote:` I met a man in his own smash my life. What I want from them? True, mutual lyubvi`. What they want - not hard to guess. The same Shah of Iran, for example, during a meeting in Rome ... His tragedy is usual deadened work.

The official directory `Who is kto` said one of her divorce from the famous race car driver Claude barium. After his career fell producer in Hollywood, he disappeared, and Michelle had to submit it to the court after 12 years of marriage. Of course, after that divorce was inevitable. However, barium was not her only man. The first husband was an alcoholic and she brought a lot of trouble.

The real gift of fate for Michelle was her meeting with leading representatives of the oil business at that time Adrian J. (at least, that`s the name she mentions in his book), but he was ill with cancer, and did not even think after two years of marriage that somehow to legalize the position Michelle. As soon as he died, the family was evicted actress for ulitsu.Stroki where Michel Mercier describes the agony of a loved one, full of true drama and feelings they evoke deep respect for her. No less than the story of her affair with the Italian prince N. who, after years of courtship, achieving reciprocity in the end betrayed her by refusing to marry. Ostensibly because they did not receive the approval of the Vatican.

However, all these misfortunes even more hardened character of Michel Mercier. It continued as invincible as Angelica, and as good-looking, although a little stout. Once in an interview, Michelle told me that in 1999, the magazine `Gala` took her naked, putting a number of photos in the same position in which she is still young. `Believe me, no difference, the same telo`, - the actress said.

So, it is still beautiful and full of plans. One of them - to tell about the adventures of Angelica in America, where she goes to his sons 30 years after the events described in the last picture. Unfortunately, the plan that hung in the air of indecision iz-za her co-star Robert Hossein.

In 1996, Michael released a disc of 72 songs about angels, which, as stated in the Bible, protect humanity from destruction. Curiously, she sang these songs in the original language, that is, in Hebrew. Michelle herself believes in his angel named Nemam. It would be nice to help this angel beautiful and noble, but not very young woman finally get what she really deserves, - true happiness.

Author: Andrew Puminov

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