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Date of Birth: 08/20/1956

Age: 60

Place of birth: Padua

Citizenship: United States

Professor of Arts and Sciences

Currently, Boldrin - Distinguished Professor in Arts & Sciences; and Head of the Department of Economics at Washington University in St. Louis (WUSTL). Together with his friend and co-authored by David Levin (David Levine), he was among a group of economists from the 200 people who publicly opposed the stimulus law `2009` (2009 Stimulus bill). Later, he publicly defended his position on this issue in a variety of media, including public debates held by Professor Brad DeLong of the economy (Brad DeLong).

Michele Boldrin was born August 20, 1956 in Padua, Italy (Padova, Italy), where he grew up. Later, he moved to Venice (Venice). He walked program undergraduate at the University of Venice (University of Venice), and then under the leadership of Lionel McKenzie (Lionel McKenzie) became Master of Science in 1985 and a PhD (Economics) in 1987 at the University of Rochester in New York (University of Rochester, New York).

Before hoot to St. Louis (St. Louis) in the fall of 2006, Boldrin from 1986 to 1987, the second worked in the University of Chicago (University of Chicago), from 1987 to 1994 - the University of California ( UCLA), from 1990 to 1994-th - Kellogg School of management (Kellogg School of management). In the period from 1994 to 1999-th he was in the University Carlos III de Madrid (Universidad Carlos III de Madrid), and from 1999 to 2006 - at the University of Minnesota (University of Minnesota). Starting from 2006, Michel is a Fellow of the Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis (Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis).

Boldrin - a member of the Econometric Society (Econometric Society), in the past, the assistant editor of the academic journal of the economy `Econometrica` and former editor and current assistant editor of` The Review of Economic Dynamics`. He has authored or co-authored four books and has been a visiting professor in Barcelona (Barcelona), Rio de Janeiro (Rio de Janeiro), Mexico City (Mexico City), Tokyo (Tokyo) and many other places. Also Michel - one of the first editors of the Italian blog noiseFromAmerika and permanent assistant project `Against Monopoly` and` Nada es Gratis`.

Boldrin conducts ongoing research in the general theory of dynamic equilibrium, with particular emphasis on the sources of fluctuations in business activity, growth, development, technological innovation and intellectual property. Working with David K. Levine, Boldrin considers competitive role compared to the monopoly markets in the process of growth and the introduction of this innovatsiyOttalkivayas, Michelle says that there is little evidence to support the existence of increasing returns at the aggregate level, and therefore, there is no reason to believe increasing returns that plays an important role in the actual economic growth. This means that in theory, as in practice, the monopoly power is not necessary, and probably detrimental to the technical progress and economic development. All this leads to the conclusion that the existing requirements for intellectual property in the process of growth and development of scientific and technological progress, much too high.

His book `Against Intellectual Monopoly`, co-written with David Lewin, published in 2008, and other work,` Tremonti, istruzioni per il disuso`, created together with Italian authors, published in 2010.

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