Michal Zebrowski

Picture of Michal Zebrowski

Date of Birth: 06/17/1972

Age: 44

Place of birth: Warsaw

Citizenship: Poland


Michal childhood dream of acting craft, attended classes at the school circle reciters and reciters in competitions won prizes. Immediately after the end of the Warsaw Lyceum educational XI. Nicholas Ray, in 1991 entered the Acting Department of the State Higher Theatre School in Warsaw, which he graduated in 1995. In the third year of study for the first time he appeared in the television drama Feliks Falk`s "AWOL" (1993) with Robert Goneril, as well as in the TV thriller "rent a room ..." (1993) by Igor Pshegrodzkim and Beata Schibakuvnoy.

His debut on stage was the role of Jimmy Porter in John Osborne`s play Look Back in Anger (1994) directed by Mariusz Benoit at the Public Theater. Zygmunt Hubner, with whom he was associated in 1995-96. For his theatrical debut, as well as a role in a stage version of Jan Kochanowski "refusal by the Greek ambassadors" and performance in the play of Zbigniew Herbert Details Pan Cogito was awarded the jury, the audience and Jan Machulski XIII looks at theater schools in Lodz, 1995. After that, he played in Warsaw theaters: Ateneum them. StefanaYaracha (1997), National (2004), Studio them. Stanislaw Ignacy Witkiewicz (2005), New Prague (2006), Comedy (2007) and Big (2007).

He made his debut on the silver screen in the role of a young worker, who, being caught up in an emotional impulse, it becomes an unwitting leader of Poznan protests in the historical film by Philip Bayona Poznan 56 (1996). After graciously received performances in five episodes of Honour and Glory (1997), played a role in the film adaptation of Ian Skshetuskogo novel by Henryk Sienkiewicz With Fire and Sword (1999), directed by Jerzy Hoffman. For this role, she was nominated for an Eagle in the category "Home Actor". He created the image of Tadeusz Solpitsy in the film adaptation of Andrzej Wajda`s poem Pan Tadeusz by Adam Mickiewicz (1999) brought him critical acclaim. Published drive Love Pan Tadeusz (1999) with two hundred fragments of the poem in his recitation was certified Gold. In 2000 he received the award Victor Television Academy, the Gold Medal of the Golden Five in the vote "TeleRzeczpospolita" newspaper readers, as well as the Golden Duck.

For the role of Geralt of Rivia, also nicknamed the White Wolf, in the fantasy film "[Vedmak_ (TV series) | The Witcher]" (2001), was nominated for an Eagle in the category "Home Actor". In 2002, was second in the voting of readers of the newspaper "TeleRzeczpospolita" to be the most popular actor, received the award Fryderyk in the category "Album of the Year - author / poetic song" for the CD "I love it when a woman" (2001), written with Anna Maria Yopek, Casey and Casey Nosovskaya Stankevich. In addition, he was awarded the Special TeleMaska, "Tele Week" newspaper award (Tele Tydzie & # 324;). In 2004, a series of discs "Read to me, Daddy," which reads Michal Zebrowski Polish poetry classics for children. He starred in the biographical war drama PolanskogoPianist Novel (2002). Critical acclaim, the Golden Duck, a statuette Yan Chi Vodnik at National Festival of cinema art "Provintsionaliya" in Wrzesnia and another nomination for the Eagle brought him an image of thirty Wojciech Winkler in the psychological drama Magdalena Pekozh shots. Wojciech ambitious and independent, but avoids the world and people because education received in childhood by a sadistic father. In the drama of Andrzej Seweryn, "Who never lived ..." (2005) embodied in the charismatic way of priest Jan, who became a carrier of the AIDS virus. In 2007, he played the role of Hetman Kibovsky in the Russian film "1612".

In 2008 he took part in an advertising campaign of Eurobank and Polsat campaign "Give children the sun 2008".

June 20, 2009 in the Tatra Mountains, near his home, married with Aleksandra Adamczyk. March 30, 2010 they had a son.

Since March 2010, he is co-founder and director (together with Eugeniusz Korin) Warsaw Theatre Sixth floor (6. pi & # 281; tro).


1993 - "AWOL" - Pavlik

1996 - "Poznan 56" - Zeneca

1999 - "Pan Tadeusz" - Tadeusz Soplica

1999 - "Fire and Sword" - Jan Skshetusky

2001 - "The Witcher" - Geralt of Rivia

2002 -