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Date of Birth: 06/17/1962

Age: 54

Place of birth: Leningrad

Citizenship: Russia


How it all began

Mikhail Morozov was born on June 17, 1962 Right after school he entered the LGITMiK on course for teacher A.I.Katsmanu.

In 1983 he successfully completed the course, and many remembered his work, in a graduation performance "Oh, the stars!", Where graduates LGITMiK fun and witty parody of popular entertainers. Among them were the parody Mikhail Morozov - a great Muslim Magomayev and infinitely cheerful Eduard Khil. To get to this performance, the spring 1983 hungry blocked traffic on Moss!

Glow "Stars" somewhat overshadowed another important role - Alyosha in "The Brothers Karamazov." However, those who have seen Morozova in both performances, it became clear that on the stage ready to go young actor has not only a strong dramatic temperament, low-stage appearance and magnificent voice, but also capable of sharp specificity, able to find a concise means of expression and to clothe them in a bright theatrical form. On the talent I can not speak - it was obvious. I had to wait to get what kind of theater student A.I.Katsmana remarkable teacher.

Once graduated, immediately I began to work at the Leningrad and then at the St. Petersburg radio. many auditions were recorded, prose, poetry. They say that they heard up to now. What is being done there, no longer made anywhere.

Invitation to the theater followed from BDT, and February 1, 1990 Michael remains faithful to the St. Petersburg State Academic Bolshoi Drama Theater Tovstonogov. In the illustrious company of Tovstonogov Morozov was not lost, though, and was very traditional way: from the crowd to the position of one of the leading actors.


Even in the crowd Game Morozova distinguished for its impeccable plastic pattern - in each of these characters, almost devoid of individual replicas character was read. The first great work - in "series" A.Dudareva. Young soldier - eyed, thin, with a bandaged ear Dandelion Mikhail Morozov was youth itself, scorched by war, a boy desperately brave and touching.

And then there were the waiter in "Models of the season," Alyosha in "The Lower Depths" Panshin to "Gentry", Yasha in "The Cherry Orchard" ... In recent years, a silent theater table of ranks M.Morozov rightly took the position of the hero. Today, his record Peter in "Recent" Kleont in "Bourgeois Gentilhomme" Malcolm in "Macbeth", Sergey in "Thomas" Ferdinand "Intrigue and Love", Ottavio in "whim Marianne," Bakin in the "Talents and the fans, "Zvezdich in" Masquerade, "Randall in" House, where hearts are broken, "Athanasius Pushkin" Boris Godunov "...

Currently, Mikhail Morozov is one of the leading actors of the theater, performer, mainly classical repertoire. Sam Michael believes that in the theater it is really busy a lot, judging by the number of games played roles. Of course, at different times in different ways, but in general, it plays a lot. However, in order to feel demand is constantly looking for new applications for themselves.

solo performance

Mikhail Morozov is a recognized master monozhanra. One of the last works of the actor was the composition of the Tolstoy novel "Hadji Murad" was successfully performed on the stage of St. Petersburg House of Actor Stanislavsky. With this performance, he realized his dream of staging "Hadji Murat".

More than two years at the famous theater of the Yusupov Palace St. Petersburg, in Tsarskoye Foyer Alexandrinsky Theatre and other theater venues in the city played a solo performance on the novel by Mikhail Bulgakov "The Life of Monsieur de Moliere" put them together with the outstanding violinist Ilya Ioff. The performance was presented on tour in Germany, the actor on the stage of the International Theatre Frankfurt and was praised in a leading German newspaper "Frankfurter Rundschau".

Solo performance "Boris Godunov" was created in collaboration with a leading director of the St. Petersburg radio, currently director of the BDT Ivan Stavisky. The play, which is the property of the artist, was, however, submitted to the Court Theatre and the Arts Council has been praised, allowing play premiered on the Small Stage of the BDT. In the four years of continuous operation the work was presented at the All-Russia festival "Pushkin program" in Pskov, the All-Russian festival of solo performances in Perm, at the International Festival of chamber and solo performances in Kiev, at the Russian Centre of Science and Culture in Helsinki`s International Theater of Frankfurt-on- Main, in the Central European theater in Bonn, at the Theatre Royal in Bristol (UK).

On the Small Stage of the Alexandrinsky Theatre played a solo performance of "Journey to Erzerum" by Pushkin, and with this performance Michael was the All-Russian Pushkin holiday in St Michael.

Playing solo performances, according to the actor, he plays it that close to his heart.


Morozov never wondered why rarely in films. However, he would like to play in a good movie. Even in the series, but in a nice, big, exciting role.

As such, some doubt was his first role in a film by Alexei Simonov "detachment." It played a soldier Mikhail Petrov. The film tells the wrenching story of a small detachment of the Red Army, caught unarmed surrounded in 1941, and going to the front line. However, Morozov starring the then young, and today known actors Alexander Feklistov, Sergei Garmash, Dmitry Brusnikin, Alexander Peskov ...

Notable roles were Peter Chukhontsev in the movie "The first meeting - the last meeting," and Fyodor Kultakova in the famous "Geniuses". Mikhail Morozov also starred in several TV series, where the series about Sherlock Holmes stands out.


Mikhail Morozov never interrupted communications with the radio, so a good start even after graduation, and has long been on the radio is not considered a novice. In addition to radio plays and readings of poetry and prose, he has worked and works in radio advertising. Work on the 15-30-second spots on the FM-modern plant requires, if you want a lot of skill. A combination of many professional qualities: the highest level of technology of speech, acting, experience. And advertising is now very few votes, all advertising matter of people recorded on the St. Petersburg radio stations. This is a very interesting experience. Above the falls, and sometimes a lot of hard work to sound simple and easy. And besides, do it nice, as you know, that you know how to do something that makes it even only two or three people in the city but you ...

Through advertising Michael was quite by chance on the radio "Classic-Petersburg". He recorded some commercials, and later learned that it takes to lead a new radio station. Leading searched for a long time: the audition came a lot of people who have had experience in radio. A Morozov thought and thought, and he offered his candidacy. Week trial conducted esters, and took him.

Here`s how to respond to a radio station about Michael Morozov his colleagues` needs no introduction. Charismatic personality ... even odious. Enfant terrible Radio Classic. Consistent fighter with a blind worship of authority. It has a lot of haters and enduring cohort of fans. Carefully mask the excellent knowledge of the material. Honored Artist of the Russian Federation (the title is not obtained for the conduct of ether) "And the director of the radio" Classic-Petersburg "Alla Spansko echoed them.." ... He has a very deep musical knowledge and preferences "

The very same dramatic actor Mikhail Morozov found in this work, its genre, "I`m an imaginary dialogue with the audience. And if there is no dialogue, it turns out it is empty DJ stuffed with the language of calluses. I do not want to be neither vulgar nor boring. By the way, I do not even know the name of that my role: DJ or presenter. I grope for something of mine, my own genre. And I wonder ... it is very good if people start to listen to classical music because of me. But I`m not an educator. Just so happens that I know classical music since the age of twelve Philharmonic visited and listened to many great performers, great composers. So I feel like talking about it. In addition, I have a professional anger I have for - and - a - put themselves heard! My own comments to the music - it`s one pole radio "Classic-Petersburg", but we have people who thoroughly understand the subject, and it is - the other pole radio. We complement each other."

Beautiful Life

Despite the already long occupation profession, Mikhail Morozov is not the impression of a tired actor, on the contrary, it is - young, with a sparkling sense of humor, cheerful, intelligent man, who is interesting to be creative in all its forms and manifestations. Also lit up, the actor has another favorite area of ??activity: he teaches. He teaches in many places. The first school of the St. Petersburg television and advertising, for example.

Here`s a recipe for a beautiful life Mikhail Morozov gives its viewers, listeners and fans: "Perhaps this is a family, children, home, work, travel. All this I have. I do not know what more could you want ... Perhaps this is the recipe for a beautiful life. "

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