Michail Maiorov

Picture of Michail Maiorov

Date of Birth: 11/18/1906

Age: 86

Place of Birth: Tula

Citizenship: Russia



In 1930, Mikhail Mayorov graduated TSETETIS (now - GITIS). In the same year he was accepted into the troupe of the 2nd Moscow Art Theater. Among roles: Anisim Tsibukin ( "In the Ravine" by Chekhov), Boris Volgin ( "Crank" Afinogenova).

In 1936, Mikhail Mayorov moved to TSTSA. On the stage of this theater actor had created a number of images of Soviet soldiers patriots: Bakhmetyev and Cherkasov ( "Pad Silver" Pogodin), Sergey Gorlov ( "Front"), Obukhov ( "South Node" Perventsev) Drunina ( "Pilot" Agranovich and Lee -stova), Ignatieff ( "On the other side" Baryanova) Morozov ( "Fortress of the Bug" Smirnov) and others.

In addition, Mikhail Mayorov played in the performances: "By all the forgotten" (The Doctor), "Admiral Flag" (Ward), "Open" (Paradise), "The Makropulos Affair" (Jaroslav Prus), and others.


The movie was filmed Mikhail Mayorov infrequently. Best known for his work fell to 50 th - 60 th years. So in 1952, was filmed play "Dance teacher" (based on the play by Lope de Vega), which played the role of Vandalino Mayorov. Notable roles were played by an actor in a heroic adventure film "Zastava in the mountains of director Konstantin Yudin, adventure Yuri Vyshinsky" Squared 45 "heroic cinema poem Julia Solntseva" Chronicle of Flaming Years "and other paintings.