Michael Rostovcev

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Date of Birth: 10/22/1872

Age: 75

Birthplace: Taganrog

Citizenship: Russia


This name - Erschler. Born 10 (22) October 1872 in a family of poor Jewish watchmaker in Taganrog. In 1881 he sang in the synagogue choir Lyubetskii (Rostov-on-Don). In 1888 he graduated from the Rostov real school, which was considered a big success. But once I threw all for the theater - moreover, not dramatic, and pop and operetta. Like most of his generation entertainers anywhere theatrical skills are not learned, and quickly made a serious career. In 1882-1888 gg. occasionally he danced on the stage of Rostov Operetta Theatre, from 1888 he worked as an artist in the pop ensembles. In 1890-94 years (under the pseudonym Protsenko.) - In Ukrainian troupes GI Derkach and M. Kropivnitskogo, who became the first teacher at Rostovtseva stsenicheskrmu skill, later toured Russia. In 1897-1900 and in 1908-1910 gg. - In Moscow in 1900-1904 years. - In St. Petersburg entreprise. In 1905-1908 gg. Rostovtsev toured the Far East. In 1907 he made his debut in Vladivostok in the operetta under the pseudonym Rostovtsev. In 1911-1918 gg. performed in St. Petersburg operetta theaters: "Summer", "Buff" Panaevskom, "Palace". In 1918-1923 gg. - Artist of the comic opera Theatre in St. Petersburg, in 1922 - at the Leningrad Maly Opera Theater and GATOB.

Rostovtsev was one of those actors who Mikhail Rostovtsev in the film "Girl in a hurry for a date" forced to treat the stage like kser

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