Michael Pugovkin

Picture of Michael Pugovkin

Date of Birth: 07/13/1923

Age: 85

Place of birth: a. Rameshki

Citizenship: Russia

The miracle of nature with a diploma locksmith

Author: Igor Izgarshev

Website: Celebrities

Pugovkin taken, although the theme "neakterskoy" appearance will haunt him all his life. When Leonid Gaidai, who shot all the best movies with Mikhail Ivanovich, I decided to take it as a director Yakin in the comedy "Ivan Vasilievich" Commission "Mosfilm" absolutely did not want to approve the candidacy of the actor. Like, can not be the director is "unintelligent person." "To me carped whole life, - says Pugovkin. - Gaidai said that Pugovkin - a "Soldier Ivan Brovkin" is "Wedding in Malinovka". Mind where? They did not know that I intellektvsegda with a burden. I have a special bag for good. "

In 1991 Pugovkin became an immigrant, having left due to lung disease (asthma tormented actor) in Yalta, where he became a tourist attraction, as the city`s famous promenade and Swallow`s Nest. Only if for architectural monuments monitor power, then all the worries about the monument went to live solely on his wife Irina Konstantinova. And because the family has returned to the Russian capital, where the opening of the "Centre for Cinematography Mikhail Pugovkina" the other day.

On the eve of the anniversary Pugovkin starred in the one-hundredth of the account picture. But he believes that in the movie until the end and did not open. "The Moscow Art Theatre School have told me that my author - a Dostoyevsky. And I - well, this is a miracle of nature for some - from Dostoevsky moved to Gaidai. It was my happiest time. "

Or maybe it`s better that Mikhail has not starred in films by Dostoevsky? Otherwise, where else would take such a touching superintendent from "The Adventures of Shurik", the king of a variety of children`s fairy tales, the father of Fedor "The Twelve Chairs", directed by Yakin finally?

"My main happiness - hero of the day said - what I`m still with you. When Stanislavsky asked what the main thing in the actor, he said - a charm. Only then you will be watching and will be attracted to you. I possess this quality a bit. "

Despite the respectable number of festive candles on the birthday cake, Pugovkin feels good, "I - as today`s weather. She sways, and I with it. Although if you could stay 65 years ... "

Once Pugovkina not called - and the King of comedy, and "Hollywood`s best friend." Just not a great call. And rightly so, because it is - a favorite.