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Date of Birth: 02/21/1976

Age: 40

Place of birth: London

Citizenship: United Kingdom

The most successful comedian in the UK

Author: Elena Murzina

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Michael McIntyre was born February 21, 1976 in London (London). he currently lives in Wiltshire (Wiltshire) and his wife Kitty (Kitty McIntyre), aromatherapist profession. Kitty - daughter of actor Simon Ward (Simon Ward), and sister of the actress Sophie Ward (Sophie Ward). The couple married in 2003 and they have two sons, Lucas (Lucas McIntyre), who was born in 2005, and Oscar (Oscar McIntyre), who was born in 2008. Michael`s father, Ray Cameron (Ray Cameron), was a Canadian comedian who wrote scripts and jokes for the television show Kenny Everett (Kenny Everett). The mother of Michael, Katie (Kati), Hungarian roots. McIntyre is a fan of football club `Tottenham Hotspur`.

Michael studied at expensive private schools for boys, including three years in the `Merchant Taylors` School` in Northwood (Northwood), but finished high school in the local public school` Woodhouse College` financial reasons. He then spent a year at the University of Edinburgh (Edinburgh University), but left him for a career in the business scenario. According to him, he can not remember what he studied in Edinburgh - chemistry or biology.

One of the first appearances on television McIntyre was the program `Steve Chisholm`s AZ of Extraordinary Sexual Fetishes` in 2005, where he discussed tweed as a fetish. From 2007 to 2009, he appeared three times in the `Live at the Apollo`. Among his numerous sitcoms and talk shows such transfers are allocated as the `Chris Moyles` Quiz Night`,` Mock the Week`, `8 out of 10 Cats`,` Have I Got News for You`, `The Big Fat Quiz of the Year`, `Would I Lie To You`, `the Apprentice:?! You`re Fired`, `Alan Carr: Chatty Man` and` Friday Night with Jonathan Ross`.

In June 2009 he was leading his own `Michael McIntyre`s Comedy Roadshow`, coming out on a Saturday night; and in July of the same year she starred in the popular program `Top Gear` as a star that goes` in the car at a reasonable tsene`.

March 31, 2010 McIntyre took part in a charity show `Channel 4`s Comedy Gala` in favor of the hospital` Great Ormond Street Hospital`, filmed at the London stadium `O2 Arena`. In December it was announced that the comedian will join the jury `Britain`s talanty` in 2011, but in September 2011, he refused to participate in the program to focus on its touring program next year.

In Christmas 2011 McIntyre led a special Christmas release `Michael McIntyre`s Comedy Roadshow`, filmed with the participation of many stars of British stand-up. The program looked at 8.1 million viewers.

McIntyre three times participated in the `Royal Variety Performance` in front of the royal family members, including representation in 2010, when he was the youngest leader in the history of the show. In 2009, during his first tour of the UK, he spoke to a total audience of about half a million people, including a record six nights at the stadium `Wembley Arena` and four on` O2 Arena`. In 2012 this number increased to 700 000 people.

One day in December 2009, McIntyre has canceled his speech, having learned that he will act as agents to debt collection. Just a couple of days before that, he admitted that he has not yet succeeded, he literally had to survive by paying huge debt.

In 2010 he published his autobiography, `Life and Laughing: My Story`.

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