Michael Kononov

Picture of Michael Kononov

Date of Birth: 04/25/1940

Age: 67

Place of birth: Moscow

Citizenship: Russia


Failed theatrical activity

Mikhail Kononov speaks at the stage started at school. Together with Andrei Smirnov, who later became a famous film director, they prepared the whole variety of the program. Success in school initiative and pushed Kononov to enroll in drama school.

In 1963, Mikhail Kononov graduated from the Theatre School. M. Shchepkin, and was admitted to the Little Theatre. At first he seemed to fit into the theatrical environment. Later, however, the attitude of management of the Maly Theatre of the young actor has changed - there were rumors that maestros did not like that Kononov a career in film. After working for five years in 1968, the actor left the theater stage permanently.

The first role in the movie

For the first time Mikhail Kononov has starred in movies while still a student at drama school. In 1961 he made his debut Vitka role in the melodrama Ivan Pyreva "Our Mutual Friend". Even then, it was designated a type - a simple, unsophisticated boy from among the people. In the first couple of decades they have been played many roles in this role: Kolka - in lyric kinopovesti Isidore Ann`s "first trolleybus" Vitka Anikin - in the film Michael Kalika "Goodbye, boys!" Alexei Semenov in the film Gleb Panfilov`s "Path Through Fire no, "Lieutenant Maleshkin in heroic comedy Vladimir Tregubovich" in war as in war "and others.

The same appeared before the audience and revkomovsky clerk Alexey - Hero Kononov in historical and revolutionary tragic comedy "Head of Chukotka", which appeared on the screens in 1966. In this picture, Mikhail Kononov and Alexei Gribov created a great comedy duo. Actors like swimming in the provision of materials, while not moving the boundaries of good taste and generously allowing in turn to solo each other.

In the same year on the screens out another picture with Kononov - outstanding drama Andrei Tarkovsky`s "Andrei Rublev". The actor got a small role in it Thomas. But it was she who, according to Mikhail Ivanovich, is one of his best works.