Michael James Cuccione

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Date of Birth: 05/01/1985

Age: 16

Birthplace: Burnaby

Citizenship: Canada


Author: Pauline Chelpanova

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Kuchchione Michael (Michael James Cuccione) was born in 1985 in Burnaby, British Columbia, Canada, the son of Dominic and Gloria Kuchchione (Dominic Cuccione, Gloria Cuccione). Michael`s childhood from an early age was marred by terrible diagnosis - Hodgkin`s lymphoma (Hodgkin`s lymphoma), kind of cancer. The diagnosis of the boy was raised in the age of 9; almost immediately he was subjected to treatment with chemotherapy, but after 5 months of exposure to improve and has not followed. On the contrary, unfortunate disease has metastasized to the lungs embraced Michael. Whatever it was, but talantlivyyparenek, being almost constantly busy with their own treatment, became famous thanks to the program against cancer and its prevention. `The Michael Cuccione Foundation for Cancer Research` gave him an opportunity to show his musical, acting and even writing talent. So, he released a music album `Make a Difference`, consisting of five songs of his own composition, and, moreover, was the author (co-written with his own grandmother) book` There are Survivors: The Michael Cuccione Story`, which tells about the hard fight with a terrible disease. Fees from sales go to charity. Having to fight the disease, he has done a lot for others, trying to summon the people affected by the disease do not give up, but fight. Michael has performed on radio, I went to schools and hospitals; and besides, he was the founder of the very real fund, whose assistance is vital for people suffering from cancer.

In 1997, Michael played in an episode of Baywatch `` (Baywatch), and a little later, in the early 2000s, was in an episode of another popular TV project - `2gether: The Series`. However, even before that, he had to appear in the television movie, which became the forerunner of the series, called `American keksy` (2gether). He managed to appear in several episodes of the series, he is not got to the hospital (then started the second season of the show). The new 2001-th year, as Christmas, Michael met in the hospital in serious condition. January 13, 2001 16-year-old Michael Kuchchione died. on January 17 in the Church in Vancouver, where the farewell to Michael, thousands of people gathered. Tribute to the talented and remarkably strong young man came to his classmates, colleagues in the TV series and musical groups `2gether`.

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