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Date of Birth: 05/19/1965

Age: 51

Place of birth: Moscow

Citizenship: Russia

The natural curiosity and adventurism

Author: Anton Anton Lopushkov

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Childhood and adolescence

Gorevoy Michael V. was born May 19, 1965 in Moscow into a family of professional military and engineer. His father, a former colonel of the General Staff of the Soviet Army, was preparing his son for a military career, but life decided otherwise - injury produced by Michael in adolescence crossed all expectations. But goodbye to the dream of a future artist, to his own surprise, he met with the other. As he says Mikhail V.: "In 14 years, my mother bought me a ticket to the theater, and there for the first time this has happened - I caught this" infection ", I was" infected "theater and quite unconsciously. I remember that it made on me. No, I`m a child, of course, went on all cheburashek for any fairy tales we were taken to the school, but then it all did not fall on me as it should. But then, after a serious injury and after the officer`s career was closed, I opened the door! "

After high school, went Gorevoy do all theatrical universities of the capital, and he was admitted to the Moscow Art Theatre, but lighter. However, Michael himself did not believe that this time spent in the shuffle, it was even right that this year he learned to direct the light, hammer nails, to work with the decorations, he attended the rehearsals of Ephraim, Efros. A year later successfully entered all the same MAT Vladimir Bogomolov course.

After the Moscow Art Theater

After graduating in school-studio Mikhail Gorevoy as half the students of his course, he joined the newly created Mikhail Efremov (classmate Gorev) theater "Sovremennik-2." The actor admits that it was the most important phase in his life: "We feel this is some unity, unity, because we did it all ourselves. We ourselves set decorations, and are ready to do the costumes, playing themselves. " But it lasted, this idyll did not last long "because bylimolodymi and silly and some squabbles, for some administrative and other ambitions, their own ambitions, and some administrative troubles, for me, it all collapsed." A year later, he retired from Gorevoy "Contemporary-2" and got into the theater Mayakovsky, where he became one of the leading actors, playing for 30-38 plays per month.


In the early 90`s, at the dawn of modern Russia, a natural curiosity and adventurism pushed Michael Gorev, with his wife and young son, go in search of happiness in America. The first time abroad, they had difficult - the lack of jobs, poor knowledge of the language - Michael worked as a waiter in a seafood restaurant, after a taxi driver was the pizza were transported, but when mastered the English language, a translator settled in Boston. And like any other American actor, he earned anyhow what, all the while trying to break into the profession. But he did not succeed ...

One and a half year stay abroad, have Gorev had everything you can dream of: apartment with ocean views, an expensive car, the clothes, but it was not the main - stage ... After living a few years in the United States, Michael, and not being able to suppress a craving for the theater, once again persuaded her husband to move, returned to his homeland.

theater events Factory

Upon returning to the Russian actor, in 1996, created his own theater called "Factory of theatrical events," the debut performance of which was a play on the novel by Steinbeck "On humans and mice," written by Michael even in America, where he himself Gorevoy and became director of productions . Since then, Michael V. Gorevoy staged more than a dozen productions, including "The Last Don Juan," "hell," "Lounge", "Zhit.Lyubit", some of them, including his first creation, has been underway for more ten years. At the same time Michael has no special education and directing, by and large, engaged by accident: "If we talk about me, at the time I`m just sick Steinbeck novella" About mice and people "- I really wanted to play the role of George. But as time passed, and the dream of all moved away. And then suddenly everything turned out, there were people with money, and I did this play itself. And here is me and stung direction, and as you can see forever. "

For many years, the brainchild Gorev travels around the country with their performances, while having neither the building nor the state support. Sam Michael V. said that it is even better: "And, thank God, at me there are no bosses - not the Ministry of Culture or the Union of Cinematographers, neither young nor older theatrical figures. Nobody helps, but never hinders. Thank God, at least not interfere! "


Career in the cinema Michael Gorev began in the late eighties with small roles in the films "Step", "A young man from a good family," "Fringe". Then there were the "Music Lessons", the TV series "Alaska, sir!", "Auction". And having returned from abroad, Gorevoy appeared in the role of Alex in the film Paradise Elena "The President and his woman" tells about the relationship between the future president and his first wife.

The next film role Gorevoy played in just three years. In 1999, Michael starred in an episode of the detective series "Kamenskaya" tells the story of a police officer Anastasia Pavlovna Kamenka investigating various complicated crimes.

Since then, the actor invariably removed at least two or three projects a year, and, often enough, the directors see it as negative characters, what Gorevoy looks quite philosophically: "I am doing a job. This is my job. I offer characters. Yes, usually villains, scoundrels, villains and other all bastards. But if I am appreciated for what I can do, that`s good. Once given, therefore, appreciated for what I know how to do it well, otherwise he would not give. I do not play the villain, I`m human, I`m interested in a living person. They, on the contrary, play more interesting, more interesting to try to justify himself inside killer or kidnapper of children. I`m incredibly charming, but I just can in the negative and the positive. Every whim for your money - what you want, who you want? Let us make. "

Among his negative characters can recall: KGB agent from the "House of the Sun", a drug dealer in the liver Misha "Antikiller-2.Antiterror". But apart is the role of Vlad Popov - Russian scientist, who invented a terrible weapon, in the 20th James Bond film "Die Another Day." Sam Michael Gorevoy says that he was in this project as the fates decree - approved for this role, Viktor Sukhorukov, because of the shift timing of shooting the film, I could not take part in it, after which he was declared a casting in the country, in which the actor was approved for the role.

Starring in such a well-known painting, Michael Gorevoy not "zazvezdilsya" and went on to star in a variety of projects, explaining his position: "I will not renounce any of the scrip, nor from prison or from the sitcom. This is my job. Everyone says, "You are a actor, how can you shoot, why did you shoot in the" soap "?" People of my kind, I work, I eat, I have many children, three. I love to live comfortably, I can indulge, I have to earn money, so I paid. The main thing - to do their job honestly. I understand what the chip - you need to honestly do their job. I want to live my life a happy man. "

There are active and Michael Gorev fundamentally different role than the villains. For some time now the actor successfully tries himself in the comedy genre. So in the comedy "Five brides" he played the role of political leader Kuzicheva, and "broody" film - Cyril groom.

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