Michael Boysen

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Age: 28

Citizenship: United States

The siege of a hotel room

Spodvig a violation of the law of Michael Boysen motive rather banal - he `sidel` to painkillers and was in need of another dose. In general, prisoners Boysen was relatively peaceful and the internal conflicts of the prison did not participate; known, however, that he had several times threatened as a native, and representatives of law enforcement agencies. Explain such aggression was difficult - even stained past, Michael enjoyed the full support of relatives throughout his `otsidki`. Grandparents grandson Michael threat seriously, it seems did not take - they are not only allowed the grandson left on freedom in your home, but also have a little party in his honor. Alas, the party ended this extremely sad. They took the grandson of Boise on Friday, senior; Friday zhedolzhna was called to go party. The next evening, the mother of Michael Boysen found in the house of the two lifeless bodies; of Michael, of course, had already gone.

Hunt Boysen was not immediately apparent; eventually it recognized the motel employee, where Michael was hiding from justice. Police surrounded the building and tried to convince Boysen come out voluntarily; he, however, did not listen to reasonable arguments wished. The authorities were forced to begin a real siege. This motel is surrounded by a team of shooters; The room, which was hiding Boysen, were knocked out the jet. Later in the course has been started yet and tear gas. Talks with Michael police tried to lead first with the aid of a megaphone, then - with the help of special robot equipped with a camera and a microphone. Robot that have managed to bring to the balcony of the hotel; Alas, even the use of such high-tech solutions to make contact to no avail. In the end, the police decided to enter the room; they managed it surprisingly easy - Boysen in no way did not try to stop them. Once inside, the stormtroopers to understand the causes of passivity man - he was lying unconscious on the floor, bleeding.

Wounded immediately taken to the nearest hospital; was later admitted to the hospital spokesman, Boysen was in critical condition. Apparently, quite a dangerous and nearly killed his wounds inflicted by Michael Boysen himself. Physicians were able to stabilize the patient`s condition, after which he was handed over to the authorities.

County Sheriff John Urquhart (JohnUrquhart) has already managed to discuss assault motel with journalists; According to him, the undoubted success was at least the fact that in the process of capturing the perpetrator has not suffered one of the policemen. Life itself Boysen some time hung in the balance, however, and he eventually did manage to save. At the moment, the authorities did not disclose any specific circumstances of the death of his grandparents, nor the reasons which have pushed Michael Boysen to the double murder. It is not clear yet why Boysen ran it in the direction of Oregon - this part of the country it seems to be nothing in common. In the near future the authorities will give Boysen Oregon County Police King, Washington (King County, Washington); Michael is already in Washington will again appear before the court, this time for a double murder.

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