Michael Bashkatov

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Date of Birth: 08/19/1981

Age: 35

Birthplace: Tomsk

Citizenship: Russia

Star sketch show

Author: Alexei Bulatov

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Mikhail Bashkatov born August 19, 1981-the first in Tomsk. As a child he loved to gather designers, so for some time wanted to become a builder. He was also interested in geology, because his uncle was a geologist. Michael even wanted to learn to be a doctor when he is with a broken leg lain in a hospital bed for a month. In their dreams Bashkatov even close did not see himself in the acting profession. He never crossed the threshold of the school theater, and just laugh at those who raved about the scene.

Michael`s mother instilled in his son a love of poetry, so Bashkatov, the winner of several competitions of readers simply could not at one point, did not fall under the sights of theatergoers. He was asked to help in odnoyiz school productions. Bashkatov `smilostivilsya`, and then became interested in acting so that did not leave the scene before graduation. After receiving the certificate, Misha wondered about what is to devote his life, but did not think about acting career. He listened to the advice of his father and mother, both of whom were economists, and enrolled in the Tomsk State University in the Department of Economics.

The uni he joined the team of KVN `Lights goroda`, plus played at the theater of miniatures `Bonifas`. Then Bashkatov and Konstantin Malasay organized his team of KVN `max`, which has achieved the rank of Major League champion, and won `Big Kivinen in zolotom`. Continuing to move forward, not Bashkatov zahotelidti for those who moved in `Comedy Club`. Instead, he decided to try his hand at the youth sketch show.

At first Mike had planned just to write scripts, but the fate of his account were his plans. In the comedy program `Give youth!` Required additional actors and Bashkatov began to appear. It is a show made club captain KVN `max` popular all over the country. He came up with such vivid stage images as Gopnik Baska, Rastafarian Dill, and metrosexual vampire Edgar Herman. In order to portray believable `brutal macho`, Radhika fighter in` Give youth! `Bashkatov bears the additional` rastitelnost` that glue make-up on his arms, back, shoulders and chest. Radik also never appears on the screen without a unibrow.

Today Bashkatov dreams of a good role in a feature film, but he does not like to think ahead and to any reversal of fortune is optimistic. After the popularity of the program `Give youth! `He had received an invitation to become a member of TV` `Random svyazi` and Videobitva`. Bashkatov also starred in the television series `Igrushki`,` Once in militsii`, `Unreal istoriya` and` Daddy dochki`. Michael can be seen in the musical drama Andrei Zaitsev `Bezdelniki` of 2011.

In 2010, Katerina and Michael was born the son of Timothy. In 2012, parents welcomed the birth of their second son, Theodore. Currently Bashkatov and his family live in Moscow.

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