Melissa George

Picture of Melissa George

Date of Birth: 08/06/1976

Age: 40

Place of birth: Perth

Citizenship: Australia


Author: Light Konfetkina

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Melissa George was born on August 6, 1976 in Perth, which is located on the west coast of the Australian continent. actress mother was a nurse, his father worked in the construction industry. From the earliest years, Melissa showed great interest in the arts. Of great importance for the Australian had a dance. The actress studied ballet professionally and subsequently danced perfectly. Moreover - before the age of 7 years - Melissa was fascinated by jazz music. At all times, the Australian showed his ability and talent.

Soon passion for dancing to escalate into a passion for sports. The actress started skating on roller skates. In this sport it has received the highest number of titles, including several won bronze medals at the national championships. A significant achievement in sport Melissa was her performance in 1991, the year of the World Championship.

George`s acting career began in 1992 year. Initially, she became a model. Then Melissa was named one izluchshih young model year.

At 16-years old Melissa got her first film role, starring in the Australian soap opera. Soon the actress left the hometown of Perth and went to Sydney. In Sydney, she had a lot more opportunities to develop their potential.

In the capital, aspiring actress starred for various magazines, but has not acquired great fame. Then the actress moved to the United States and try your luck there. Melissa starred in several films, but again did not reach the popularity, as its role for the most part were sporadic and minor.

Only in 2000 started a real career took off actress. She became a star in a movie together with the most famous actors of America.

Currently, a popular actress and her family live in Los Angeles. Fans of the Australian actress waiting for new roles with her participation.

Melissa continues to operate and this means that in the near future, you may receive several fresh projects actress.