Melina Mercouri

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Date of Birth: 10/18/1920

Age: 74

Place of birth: Athens

Nationality: Greece


Melina Mercury was born on October 18th 1920, in Greece, in Athens. The most important person in her family was grandfather Spyros Merkyuris, which for decades served as mayor of Athens. Melina`s father was also a prominent politician - a member of parliament. Her uncle - George Merkyuris, the leader of the Greek National Socialist Party - during the Nazi occupation (during the Second World War) was the chairman of the Board of the Bank of Greece and last but not considered as a man.

Parents` marriage broke up when the future actress was still quite young, and since the divorce Melina lived with her mother.

At the time, the future actress first love was the actor George Pappas, but she got married all the same for another and more promising - Panadisa Harokolposa, a wealthy landowner and a very powerful man. By the way, the state Panadisa helped the couple to survive the Nazi occupation. However, they did not have long to live together.

The first film starring Melina came out in 1955, the year and received the name of

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Melina Mercouri picture
Melina Mercouri photo
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