Megdet Rahimkulov

Picture of Megdet Rahimkulov

Date of Birth: 1946

Age: 69

Place of birth: Russia

Citizenship: Hungary


The well-known businessman, a successful entrepreneur, the head of a large industrial enterprise, a billionaire. His net worth is approximately $ 1.1 billion (according to the world-renowned business magazine Forbes, the billionaire who called one of the most influential and wealthy men of the world). Currently, businessman living with his family in Budapest (billionaire two children).

Merdet Rakhimkulov was born in Russia. He - industrialist.

In the mid-nineties of the last century, Gazprom set up a joint enterprise Panrusgaz - in tandem with the Hungarian oil and gas giant Hungary `s oil & gas giant. The merger came to light a powerful enterprise, the head of which was appointed businessman Merdet Rakhimkulov. Also currently billionaire owns a ten percent stake in the industrial association.

Simultaneously, Gazprom acquired the Hungarian financial enterprise Altalanos ErtekForgalmi Bank (AEB) - to carry out numerous operations to payments of Hungarian customers. Merdet Rakhimkulov headed this organization, and after some time it acquired by buying from Gazprom.

Despite the fact that the bank Altalanos ErtekForgalmi Bank (AEB) proved to be extremely profitable company, billionaire Merdet Rakhimkulov in the 2007th year sold it, and with the money bought the shares of the company MOL, and - the company the OTP - one of the largest and most important banks in Hungary.

Not long ago, the billionaire said that that wants to increase its stake in the Hungarian bank - OTP. The media felt that it was a large amount of interest, but Merdet Rakhimkulov denied media opinion. He said that his own part of the company - a six per cent, and there is a desire to increase it to only nine percent, but no more.

Not surprisingly, any such ardent controversy over this decision billionaire. In fact, OTP Bank is the last major national banks, in which the majority of investors - is the Hungarian businessmen. Probably not all of it seems to be the active participation of Russian as an investor in the OTP.

For information on how events will develop further - time will tell.