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Place of Birth : Phoenix, Arizona, USA

Citizenship : United States

BiographyIt gained widespread popularity, not least due to the grunge band "Nirvana", who performed on his " farewell " concert MTV Unplugged in New York three songs of Meat Puppets. The musical style of the band is usually defined as punk rock, but it has managed to create his own unique sound, mixing psychedelic rock ,Country and Mexican folk motifs, and being one of the founders of t. n. country - punk or punk - kau (kovpanka, cowpunk).

The group was formed in January 1980 in Phoenix, Arizona brothers Kurt and Chris Kirkwood and Derrick Bostrom. Kurt played guitar and sang, played bass, Chris and Derrick - drums. The original name of the team was Bastions Of Immaturity (" Ramparts immaturity") , but in June 1980 it was changed to Meat Puppets - was the name of a song written by Kurt (it can be heard on the same team debut album) . The first working group - the mini - album, In The Car and the album Meat Puppets - were quite chaotic,but it is "traditional" hardcore punk and attracted the attention of record label SST Records.

In 1983 the band recorded the album Meat Puppets II, which first manifested her individual musical style - she experimented with the sound of acid - rock and country-style tunes. The album, along with the works of bands such as Violent Femmes and Gun Club,It is one of the first albums of country - punk.

The sound of the third full length Up On The Sun, released in 1985, resembles sound of the band The Byrds, and this led to the discontent of fans Meat Puppets, who considered that the team began to betray the ideals of punk rock and began to sound too " is hippie. "Meat Puppets gave concerts across the United States, almost without a break, but after the release of the 1986 mini- album Out My Way is briefly interrupted its activities, as Kurt broke his finger, pinch the door of his tour bus. Trauma caused complications and led to the postponement of the release of new album Mirage (1987) . But at the end of the same 1987 the group made up for lost time - was released one more studio album Huevos (translated from Spanish means " egg " (eggs)). In contrast to " ironed " sound of the previous album, the sound Huevos rawer, less processed, many of the songs on it were written the first time, " live "and the whole album is finished just three days in August 1987.

The following license Monsters album was released in 1989.

The large label (1991-1995)

In November 1993, the leader of Nirvana, Kurt Cobain invited Kurt and Chris Kirkwood to participate in the acoustic concerts MTV Unplugged In New York, where cover versions of songs "Plateau" have been executed ,"Oh Me" and "Lake Of Fire" (all three - with the Meat Puppets II album) . Six months later, Cobain committed suicide, and the recording of the concert, published in November 1994, became the " swan song " " Nirvana " and attracted the attention of a wider audience to the work of Meat Puppets.

Album Too High To Die (1994), produced by guitarist Paul Leary, Butthole Surfers ,the team became the first commercial success - it has sold 500,000 copies (which exceeded sales of all previous albums together) and was certified gold.

1995 album No Joke! was the last album the group recorded it in the original composition. Chris Kirkwood exacerbated the problem ,associated with use of heroin and crack (the latter he became addicted during the tour in support of the No Joke!). He almost stopped going out of the house, and if they came out, it was only in order to buy a new dose. In his house were killed by an overdose of two people - his best friend and his wife.

Break and reunification (1996-2001)In 1996 Derrick recorded his Today`s Sounds solo mini-album, and in 1999 participated in the re-release of the first seven albums of the band and the release of her first "live" rliza Live In Montana. Kurt started his own project Royal Neanderthal Orchestra (" Royal Neanderthal Orchestra") , but changed it name to the Meat Puppets old orderto release a mini-album, You Love Me (1999) and the album Golden Lies (2000) and Live (2002), apparently believing that the popular brand attract more attention of the audience. At that time, the team was Kurt (guitar, vocals), Kyle Ellison (guitar, vocals), Andrew Daplantis (bass, vocals) Shandon Himself (drums) - from the `classical` composition of Meat Puppets was Curt Kirkwood alone.

The collapse of the group (2002-2005)

In 2002, the band broke up when Kurt took up cooperation with the groups Eyes Adrift and Volcano and recording his solo album, which was released in 2005 under the name Snow.In December 2003, Chris Kirkwood was arrested for assaulting a police officer in Phoenix. Police defensively, shot twice in the stomach Chris and seriously wounded him, which led to hospitalization and major surgery. Chris court sentenced to imprisonment. He was released in July 2005.

Second reunion (2006) March 24, 2006 Curt Kirkwood appealed to fans group from the page Meat Puppets on MySpace.com with the question of whether they would be interested in a reunion in the original composition. Received hundreds of positive responses, the band announced their reunion, but without the original drummer Derrick Bostrom. Originally it was planned to replace it with Primus drummer Tim Alexander, but in the end, the new drummer Ted Marcus. Since the mid to late 2006, the band recorded a new album Rise To Your Knees, which was released July 17, 2007

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