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Citizenship: Russia

Dandy in the depths of Siberia

Normal Russian difficult to understand, and why English farmer Michael Ware (Ware) left the county of Somerset and settled in the remote Siberian village, where half of the residents of the fifty hopelessly drinks and lives only by the sale of forest berries and mushrooms. He explains the reason for this is unconvincing - in England, he had too much work to be able to survive and to pay alimony ex-wife and three children. Perhaps there is a more truthful explanation of why an Englishman ten years plowing difficult Siberian land and wants to be buried in his native became the club. But more about that with other people - not a word.

Divorce in English

Michael Ware forty-six years old, but looks much younger. Description Yesenin - radiant blue eyes and tousled blond hair. Englishman it produces unless a strong focus and an open smile - our guys are smiling anyway. Somewhere in another life left his native England, three children and elderly parents. Michael says that he was born in Somerset, is due to hereditary family farmers. After graduating in the school 15 years, ancestral customs violate did not and went to the farmers. First, Michael worked for employment in other local farmers, then saved money and bought a tractor and seeder. He says that in the UK cars are much cheaper than in Russia, besides they are more reliable and easier to operate. With its fleet, Michael was able to work much more efficiently, after some time he was able to buy a small dilapidated by English standards, the house and began to buy the land around it. Ten years measured life in the depths of the English: the day Michael work on the farms of wealthy counterparts, night - work on your own site, then the village dances and traditional 8-10 beers at a local pub. Life is stable and programmed for years to come. The time has come to acquire a family and children, and this could not be more suited local laundry worker Tina. Michael says that it was a great love. Soon got married. Tina was a vigorous woman and helped her husband on the farm. Michael and Tina had three children with a difference of two years. Two girls and a boy - Michael, David and Emma. But when her eldest daughter was seven years old, something went wrong between parents. And the disorder was so severe that the offense Tina forced her to take away the children away from the father, and forbid them to see. In addition, English law strongly defended the financial rights of Tina, who was not going to abandon them. In order for the law to divide the property, not completely unfinished house had to be sold, with him, and have been sold a piece of land, and much of the equipment. Michael says he left with virtually nothing. If again engage in farm laborers, most earned would have gone to maintenance, which means that its economy will not be able to start. The farmer says that a long time pondering how to live on. At some point I wanted to leave. Far and forever. In Africa. Or even further - in Russian.

In Siberia

With the idea to go to Africa I had to say goodbye soon. Civilian farmers on the continent were not needed - they themselves excess homegrown workforce. Africa is waiting for experts, and Michael did not want to learn. There is just turned up the trip with a delegation of farmers in Russia. So Michael was in Novosibirsk.

English peasant is now remembers that Russia he liked immediately. The concept of the country he had the quite traditional for a foreigner to the beginning of the 1990s: expanse of fields, the mystery of the Russian soul and the beginnings of democracy. All this he saw firsthand. And just wanted to live somewhere very close to this romance. Close - it is in the village of Baton Iskitim district, two hundred kilometers from Novosibirsk. The last remnants of the money from the sale of British assets left to buy is not the worst house on the purchase of a very poor, according to the farmer, tractor T-40 and visa. The batons Vare settled in May 1993. Russian working career started with the fact that with his tractor was hired to work at the local state farm economy. In Russian, he did not say exactly, but without words knew what to do.

Russian wife

Needless to say, that the first idea of ??the Englishman from the local population bylonezamyslovatym - "Fool". Understand that most of England you can come on their own in this wilderness, dubintsy refused. All waited for Michael his abnormality somehow manifest, and shunned outsider. Evenings Michael went alone to sit on the bench at his house. One day he sat down at the neighbor, too, as if a foreigner - Chuvash. Soon between the Chuvash and the Englishman struck up a strong friendship. A neighbor liked to drink moonshine and without life itself is not represented, and Michael in his company only drank beer. Village laughed - "non-Russians for snorting." Meanwhile, Michael drank beer and stare in the direction of a neighbor`s daughter Tatyana, low blonde with slanting eyes. By the time 19-year-old Tanya has been a three-month son Kolya. Tanya was the only unmarried girl in the village, Michael - the only bachelor. Not surprisingly, two months after they met Michael, is not exchanged a pair of Tatyana and Russian words, made her an offer of marriage. She recalls that, as usual, the young couple sitting at the table, Michael drew pictures to amuse the girl. But this time it was not just a random collection of images, and the fate of the code: the Englishman drew a house yourself, Tanya, her Kohl and a few small children, all combined in a single circle, and drawing given to Tanya. Tanya accepted the offer and went to live in the house of the groom. However, the New Year at the groom ended visa and needed to extend it to go to England. Michael left, and mother began to saw Tatiana that he would not return and she will stay with her two children in her arms - young had already been waiting for child. But Michael is back, and a month later he became the first-born of Russian Sasha Vare.

Young married only two years after the official blessing of British Embassy was obtained. Legally married let Michael get a residence permit in Russia, and now he does not have to make costly trips to England for a visa extension. The third child of the spouses became Vare Veronica, who, like Sasha, more like a mother than to his father. The village has long become accustomed to Michael, we loved as a mother, and seems to have forgotten that he is an Englishman. One neighbor, seeing as Michael reads English newspaper genuinely surprised: "What, you understand English?" Englishman it has issued and characteristic habit: constant smile, instead of vodka - beer and inability to beat his wife. Quarreled spouses Ware, Michael will take over the goal Tatiana and gently push out the door. It will be closed in the house, poduetsya and calls her back. "Dandy" - Tatiana laughs.

The farmer - he and the farmer in Africa

Externally, the economic miracle economy Michael recalls yet vaguely. In the Novosibirsk region and the more successful farmers. However, when the owner starts talking about the courtyard, and transfer all of its peasant care becomes uncomfortable with the understanding of how much he works. Michael has two huge barn. In one warehouse equipment, seed and feed, in another - a beast. Englishman specializes in animal husbandry. The farm has 22 pigs, eight cows, 10 sheep, the institution is only the sample, the horse to work in the garden and four guards dogs. Farm income allows Michael to re-buy agricultural machinery. When asked about how he sees his farm, smiling: "It must be even more - this is normal in England I would have worked as well."

With this approach, Michael immediately staked his place in a small group of workers-peasants.

- They have a little something Putney - shared with the correspondent of "Izvestia" the director`s wife Albina Kazakova economy. - About a dozen non-drinking machine operators, who in the summer and plowing all about their own household is not forgotten. Other people do not really care about the future and living doing odd jobs. These "Putnam" - is the backbone of our economy. And Michael - it is, I would say, a great worker.

In England Michael for a long time does not pull. "My home is here," - says Ware. Elderly parents write what they want to see Russian-law and children. Michael replies that bring Tanya to the bride as soon as he can. In a letter to Michael Tatiana once I made a postscript in Russian. Thank my British mother-in for Michael. She believes that her words would be understood by the addressee and without translation.