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Date of birth: 21.06.1978

Age: 38

Place of birth: Moscow

Citizenship: Russia


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Finding myself

Maxim A. Radugin born June 21, 1978 in Moscow. His family had no relation to the cinema did not have. Father Maxim in his time was the investigator, the prosecutor, the father an engineer, and my mother - an interior designer and architect.

Maxim also initially did not think about the acting path. After high school he entered the Moscow State Institute of Radio Engineering, Electronics and Automation, and then successfully graduated. However, working as an engineer Maxim did not. Realizing that this technical specialty he does not like, he entered the Theatrical Institute. Shchukin.

Start acting the way

Within the walls of the theater institute Maxim Radugin had a chance to comprehend the course of acting on the eminent master Evgeny Knyazev. Among the teachers were also Vladimir Poglazov, Michael Malinowski, Vladimir Tereschenko, Vladimir Sazhin.

As a student, the actor made his debut in the role of the Croatian tennis player screen Dushena in Polish-Russian project "Break Point". Before graduation, he managed to play in the role of Gaspar in the detective series "Dasha Vasileva. Lover of private investigation -1 ", as well as in small roles in television series" Operation "Color of the nation", "Silver Lily of the Valley-2" and "honor-2 code."


In 2004 he graduated from the Maxim Radugin Boris Shchukin Theatre Institute. After graduation, he was accepted into the troupe of the Theatre on Malaya Bronnaya. Romantic young actor`s appearance came as it is impossible, by the way, to fulfill the role of the Prince in the performances directed by Alexey Litvin "Flint" and directed by Lev Durov "Cinderella." In addition, at the Theatre on Malaya Bronnaya Radugin such diverse images were created as an artist Adolf in the farce "Der Rosenkavalier" (directed Samghin), Maurice of Saxony play "Adrienne Lecouvreur" (directed Samghin), Marcial in the farce "Potassium cyanide ... with or without milk? "(directed Lakirev), Hot dog in the production of" green and pink "(directed Petrun).

In an active actor has also Deribas role played by them in the performance directed by Ivanov "Royal Hunt" on the stage of the Vakhtangov Theatre.

On-screen operation. The road to success

After graduation Maxim Radugin continued successfully acting in television series. He played the role of a realtor in "Ruble the Live" series, Prince of Persia Moabad Khan in "The adjutant of love" biker Artem in "Blood Sisters" instructor "Kulagin and partners" and others.

On Olympus actor`s popularity propelled the role of a circus artist Ivan Rowan in the TV series "The Circus Princess" (2007-2008). To an organic feel to the arena, to perform circus acts (the actor does not like doubles), Maxim Radugin passed special training in circus school. He says: "We rehearsed for two months in a circus. We set dancing, numbers and so on. I even raised under the dome. In the circus on the colored Boulevard. At seventeen meters. " Also, to start shooting, Radugin rushed for three days learned to juggle, "On the first day of shooting shot cavalcade. We juggled. And not in any way stand-mount - everything is visible. I had to juggle the most. Day and night - even without a lunch break training. Happened".

In "The Circus Princess" Maxim Radugin created an image of the human expressive and extremely controversial. The actor in an interview admitted that this character is very close to him: "I`ll explode easily, easily cool down ... Although, because of the nature of these features Ivan role is very difficult: constant mood swings, most unpredictable reactions. Sometimes it`s just crazy. I understand his character - he loves a woman, he and Asya together almost since childhood. And suddenly, this turn of events. In many situations, I would have done even tougher than Ivan. For example, today we`re shooting a scene where my character meets the man who made him a lot of nasty things. Because of him, Ivan was in the hospital. But he was talking to him quite calmly. I often think: why is he so calm? If I were in his place all crossed! "

In the same year, Maxim Radugin played totally opposite role in another popular TV series - "Gift of God". Here he became a hero mechanic Stas Neverov, a hard man, who is not averse to demonstrate their external data in a strip club, leaving without support once beloved pregnant girl.


His future wife of Neleus Maxim Radugin met in a disco in the late `90s. As he himself admits, he went to seek his destiny - and found: "I always wanted to meet such as Nelly. She`s beautiful, like a model. Nelia danced with her friends at the disco, I saw her, just crazy. He began to come to her with one hand, on the other hand, as a fighter on landing. Invited to dance ... "

Between Neleus and Maxim immediately there was sympathy. They began to meet, talk for hours on the phone, writing letters to each other (though live nearby, but it`s so romantic!). The wedding was also played five years later, in 2005, not in a hurry, and Maxim had to finish the stage. And in 2007, the young kids were born-dvoynyashkimalchik girl Sasha and Anya. It is noteworthy that shortly before the M Axim Radugin in the movie "The Gift of God" also played the father of twins. Apparently the fate of ...

TV Shows, TV shows

Maxim Radugin firmly taken its niche in television projects. He regularly appeared on the series of different subjects. Among his heroes: Michael Valenkov in the crime series "movers and shakers" chemistry teacher Eugene V. Markov in the youth series "Ranetki" and "last chord" dancer Igor Tomilin in the TV series "Doctor Tyrsa" Mons favorite of Catherine in the historical TV series "Peter the Great. Testament ", a history teacher Peter E. Danilin in the police series" Lavrov Method ", Kirill in the action series" Closed School "and others ...


2002 Break Point / Break Point

2003 Dasha Vasileva. Lover of private investigation -1 - series

Operation 2004 "Color of the nation" - TV series

2004 Lily of the valley silvery-2 - TV series

2004 Code of Honor 2 - series

Ruble 2005 Live - TV series

2005 The intrigues of love (Ukraine)

2005 Celestial life

2005 adjutants of love - series

2005-2006 Blood Sisters (Ukraine-Russia)

2005-2011 Kulagin and partners - series

2006 From flame and light

2007 Women`s History - series

2007 Gift of God - series

2007-2008 Circus Princess - series

Tycoons 2008 - series

2008 Tycoons. Being together - series

2008-2012 Engagement Ring - series

2009 Special correspondent investigations department - series

2009-2010 Ranetki - series

2010 Pacific Center (Belarus)

2010 Dr. Tyrsa - series

2011 Last chord - series

2011 Peter the Great. Testament - series

2011 Method Lavrova - series

Closed School 2011 - series

2011 Varvara. And in sorrow and in joy

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