Maxim Kontsevich

Picture of Maxim Kontsevich

Date of Birth: 08/25/1964

Age: 52

Place of birth: Khimki

Citizenship: Russia


The son of the famous Soviet orientalist Lev Plotkin Kontsevich. He studied in a mathematics class of the Moscow school number 91. Graduated from the Moscow State University Mekhmat in 1985 and worked for several years at the Institute for Information Transmission Problems, received a master`s degree in 1992 at the University of Bonn (Germany) under the guidance of Don Zagier. He was immediately invited to work in the most prestigious universities in the world (Princeton, Berkeley and Harvard). Currently, Maxim Kontsevich - permanent professor at the Institute of Higher Scientific Research near Paris and distinguished visitor Rutgers University in the US.

Mathematics or Physics?

Research Maxim Kontsevich raise fundamental questions of modern physics. According to the authorized one of the leading experts in string theory Brian Greene, Maxim Kontsevich his work brought this theory out of the impasse. Kontsevich gave a mathematically rigorous formulation of Feynman integrals for the topological string theory through the entered them the concept of space of stable maps modules.

Knot theory is closely linked with attempts to combine the theory of superstrings with the general theory of relativity, it is also the sphere of successful work Kontsevich. In particular he was able to present all the Vassiliev invariants in the form of (good) product integral iskonstruirovat so-called universal Vassiliev invariant.

Maxim Kontsevich is also known for its very important work of deformation quantization of Poisson manifolds and homological mirror symmetry.

Interesting facts

Maxim Kontsevich, "jumping" through high school, turned out to be the youngest student in his course.

Every year in winning the All-Union Mathematical Olympiads, Maxim Kontsevich has earned the right to go to the International Olympiad in 1980, in a single year when the International Olympiad was not carried out.

While the third-year students have studied the use of 4-dimensional space Minkovskogodlya the needs of the special theory of relativity, Maxim wrote an article about a 26-dimensional space in superstring theory.

Very few mathematicians honored to give his name to the integral. Kontsevich Maxim Kontsevich integral as the author appeared in a number of celebrities such as Riemann, Lebesgue, Stieltjes and Gauss.

In 2000, the American Mathematical Society decided to hold a historic conference like the II Congress of Mathematicians 1900, where Gilbert annonsiroval his famous problem. The conference "The most important mathematical problems of the XXI century" where the guiding 30 of the world mathematicians Maxim Kontsevich were invited was invited first.