Maxim Konovalov

Picture of Maxim Konovalov

Date of Birth: 07/05/1975

Age: 41

Place of birth: Moscow

Citizenship: Russia


Winner of the "Golden Ring" (2004)

Childhood, youth

Maksim Konovalov born on July 20, 1975 in Moscow. Since childhood, the boy was like his father`s remarkable - Veniya Ivanovich - kind, generous, attentive, intelligent, funny, athletic, talented, beautiful soul, which alone raised two beautiful children! As a child, the boy was not much talent, he "did not go into any creative circles, he never wanted to climb up on a chair and read verses guests." Just after graduation Maxim decided his future profession. For several years the guy was trying to go to drama school, and it was still only the third call enlisted in the legendary "sliver".

Study was given to Maxim Konovalov hard, because the artist studied from 9 am to 11 pm with one day off on Sunday, on which students were loaded with independent work. After the first semester students with a grade for the first six months of study. Then the teacher student Konovalov Pavel Kurochkin, commenting on the success "of the ward," said: ". Cause you do not really Maybe you should engage in trade ...?" But the future actor continued his studies and in 1999 Maxim successfully graduated from the Theater School. Shchepkin.


For the first time the creative force Maxim Konovalov tried in 1998 on the stage of the Maly Theatre in the play, AN Ostrovsky`s "A Profitable Post".

Then there was the Theatre. Yermolova - performance "Learn to drive a car in absentia," the scene "Empire of Stars", where he participated in the production of "Oscar".

In 2007, Maxim Konovalov long "mastered" a theatrical scene of the popular home-theater "Millennium", where he was introduced to a number of popular plays: "Cactus Flower," "Khanum", "Neapolitan passions" and others.


Maxim Konovalov acting career continued, but in the world of cinema. 1990 met the young actor episodic roles. Movies where Maxim flashed in the episodes, followed one another: "Round Dance", "The Fatal Eggs", "Little Demon", "Loving in Russian", "What a wonderful game," "Sinful Apostles of Love", "Do not send it us ... a messenger? ".

In 2001, Maxim Konovalov took an active part in the filming of the picture "The detective with bad character" and artistic director Nicholas Dostolya series "Citizen of the head." The storyline of the latest serials tapes, fascinating criminal intrigue unfolding in one of the major regional cities, where the main character has appeared investigator Pafnutiev, compelled by duty genus face not only criminal elements of the city, but with all the official city guide. The main role played by then famous actors: Yury Stepanov, Egor Beroev Alexander Vilkin Valery Afanasiev. In the same year, Maxim Konovalov again played bit parts in the films "Minor people" and "a movie about movies."


Maxim Konovalov acting career continued successfully. One of the main roles of Lehi "Killa" got young actor in 2003 film directed by Peter criminal Buslova "Boomer". It is this role and brought Maxim fame. Screenwriter of the cult film made by Denis and Peter Rodimin Buslov.

In the film, in partnership with Konovalov at the Actors were involved already known actors Vladimir Vdovichenkov, Andrei and Sergei Merzlikin Gorobchenko. The film`s story, the story of friends started with a very simple chance, kotorayazastavila four cronies who have got into trouble, to race on a magnificent black BMW on the night streets of Moscow. The main characters fall into irresolvable situation in which hung over their lives a constant threat.

The film is like the younger generation, and entering into a series of cult, gathered a good cashier, forcing the producers to reflect on the continuation of the film. So there was a continuation of the "Boomer. The film is the second."

Continued career

Additional film credits Maxim Konovalov in this kinoperiod appeared such films as: "Net keys" - the role of the driver "Gazelle", "There is no salvation by love" - ??the role of the killer, "Penal Battalion" - cameo.

In 2004, Maxim was among the actors who took part in the filming of the popular TV series "Soldiers" and its sequel "The soldiers. Hello, Company, New Year!", Where the actor appeared in the role of Sergeant Prokhorov. In the same year Konovalov clearly declared itself in the series directed by Sergei Bobrov "Men do not cry", skillfully blended classic role Valentina Sergienko in the company of great Belarusian actors Chernevich Igor, Boris Sokolov and Roman Ageev. Detective series was created based on the works of Vladimir Konstantinov and narrated the humble prosecutors fictional city Chebotaryovsk Sergei Ivanov, whose fate has become a real fighter against crime.

Every year on the screens out movies with Maxim Konovalov, so next year Konovalov successfully worked in a number of bands: "Destructive Power 6", "Cossack patrol", "The Last Guardian", "The Case Kukotsky". A more significant role - the image carrier Mongol, went to the talented actor in the adventure comedy directed by Vitaly Mukhametzyanova "Hello, we are your roof!", Filmed on the script Yuri Patrenina. At this time in the film were used well-known actors: Michael Politseymako, Viktor Bychkov, Semyon Strugachev and Andrew Fedortsov. This comic story telling us about "the collapse of the provincial businessman Kaprischeva and alternative takeoff painter Dubrovsky".

About Maxim Konovalov could safely say that in terms of creativity actor held. In 2006 we followed kinoraboty conspicuous in such films as "Four taxi driver and a dog-2", "Fast and the Furious Da Vinci", "The Seventh Day", "Nobody knows about sex," "Playing the Victim". Last Tape was a noir - black comedy, directed by Kirill Serebrennikov scenario by Vladimir and Oleg Presnyakov, the main role in which, in addition to Maxim`s, sang famous actors: Yury Chursin, Vitaly Hawa, Alexander Ilyin, Jr. and Marat Basharov. In this hilariously funny movie killers were the stars of the national cinema and show business. The tragi-comedy, viewers saw the hard language of modern comedy, and as real crime turned into a dashing banter.

Maxim Konovalov - versatile actor! In the movie, mostly I played gangsters, and suddenly he was offered a role in Openko horror film director Sergei Lalin "Death to Spies", a completely different voice, facial expression, look ... And immediately his trail bandits disappeared. This time the hero konovalovsky was incredibly touching, truthful, it was comical and pathetic. The film, whose script author is Mark Gres, and starring roles with Maxim on stage brilliantly performed by the actors: Nikita Tyunin, Alexander Peskov, Valery Afanasiev, Valentin Varetsky, viewers saw in 2007. The film tells about the events of the distant 1944, and about one exciting operations of SMERSH - the special department of the Soviet counterintelligence.

Actor Nicholas Berezin played vividly in the film "experts", a small role in the film "Albino" and Buzika role in the film "Private Order". Also Maxim Konovalov, together with Vyacheslav Razbegaevo, Anna Gorshkova, Alexander nose, Alexandra Komarova could be seen in the light film, without vulgarity and violence, comedic melodrama directed by Victor Lakisova "Olympics. The local warming." In the same year, Maxim starred in the tapes: "Mermaid", Potapov, to the board, "" Night Sisters, "" Canned "," Virgin of the night "," gentleman "!.

Talented actors were subject and lyrical and comedy, he was equally limited in films of any genre. In 2008, the directors and Artem Nasybulin Vadim Danziger Maxim invited to a major role in the melodrama "Champion" with Elena Korikovoy, Victor Dobronravov, Mikhail Mamaev in other leading roles. The film`s protagonist - a football player named Sasha Zhigulev Gigue, for the sake of sports career threw his girlfriend Tina. However, after ten years, all intertwined in the life of ex-lovers - love and hate, passion and football.

"Very Russian Detective"

Konovalov never bored out of work, the role of Bret Pidda actor took part in the detective adventure comedy directed by Cyril Papakul "Very Russian Detective". Partners Maxim Konovalov on the set were famous actors: Yury Stoyanov, Michael Schatz and Vadim Galygin. "Very Russian Detective" - ??is primarily a witty parody on all kinds of genre cliches of the American detective. The main characters - two detectives - one young and inexperienced newcomer Bret Pidd, and the second - at least the young, and a bit more experienced Johnny - Yuri Stoyanov hero came on the heels of cruel maniac.

Intense roles in 2008 ended for Maxim Konovalov participation in the paintings: "Nobody knows about sex - 2", "Non-ideal woman", "Kings game" and "Hot Ice".

Time has shown that Maxim Konovalov - a wonderful actor, capable of not only the role of the bandits, but creates a real masculine images - not the syrup-glamorous! Maxim Konovalov - one of the most talented actors of Russian cinema, the audience remembered for a long time as a blunt, but very good hockey player Yemelyan Palkina in the popular family series "Father`s Daughter" directed by Sergei Aldonin and Irina Vasilyeva. Remarkable actors - Andrei Leonov, Miroslava Karpovich, Anastasia Sivaeva Elizabeth Arzamasova Darya Melnikova, Catherine Starshova and Nonna Grishaeva perfectly played the main role in this good series channel CTC.

In 2009, Maxim worked part Chaly in the film "I`ll show you Moscow", starred as a police major in the film "A Man from Boulevard des Capucines", brilliantly played by Timur Avdeev in the sensational drama directed by Brice Kazakova "Mistress of the taiga" Marina Kazankova, Alexander Bukharov , Alexander Lazarev in the lead roles. The scene of the film - gold mining areas in the Far North and the territory of the State Reserve.

At the same time it was also a small role in the film "The Golden Trap", the role of the gangster Klim in the film "One Family", a bit part in the Russian-Ukrainian film "O Lucky Man!", The role of Arturchik in the artistic film "My", the role of Pasha Guskov from movie with the beautiful name "woman winter", the gangster in the film "Hot news", then the role in the film "City of temptations" and in the movie "The pursuit of Happyness."

Recent works

Maxim Konovalov had a reputation among filmmakers "fail-safe, versatile, talented" actor, he is not averse to experimentation, "with his head went into the new role, however, in the opinion of critics, not all experiments were successful." In 2010, a wonderful actor agreed to Vitalik role in a good movie and a good director Alexander Kananovich and screenwriters Julia Pankosyanovoy, Victoria Evseeva, Andrew Berezhany. In kind, naive fairy tale in the style of 60-70s "school of residence" were wonderful script, and an incredible cast.

It is tempting to become irrepressible actor and the role in the film "Truckers 3", which was released in the same year. Notable was the appearance of the actor in the series directed by Yuri Popovich and writer Igor Maslov "grouse." Again New! ", Where the main roles were played by great actors:. Denis Rozhkov, Victoria Tarasova, Maria Boltneva the story, on New Year`s employees ATS" Pyatnitsky " "brutally" played a joke on Cherenkov, and he decided to take revenge on their restless colleagues ... I am pleased to see the audience favorite actor in the role of Maxim Vekshina in the film "my brother`s brother", and in the film "Tower".

In 2011 planned output of two film projects featuring Maxim Konovalov. Criminal parable director Stas Mokhnacheva "Pil. Kuril", where Maxim got the role of Andrew. On set, the actors become partners Konovalova Maria Gorban, Mike Paul, Gregory Siyatvinda Olga Dibtseva. At first, The film takes place in the "dashing nineties", when two killer Valya and poker professionally doing menial work, mercilessly burning through his life. Then the subject of the picture passed today. The two friends decided to do away with criminal records and got a job at the cemetery gravediggers. But here came their former employer. What lay ahead of our heroes?

A second project created by the script Igor Vinnichenko director Roman Ershov - a comedy called "limousine". It involved famous actors and Maxim Konovalov, Alexander Ershov, and Galina Bokashevskaya. The main characters of the comedy movie - limo and his personal driver Senya Shurigin who forget about everything when sat behind the wheel of your favorite car ...


Maxim Konovalov, who became famous after the release of the legendary "Boomer", at the age of 34 years old married teacher by the name of Svetlana, who was able to heal the wounds of the actor after breaking up with the previous pass. Prior to becoming a legitimate spouses, young people have lived under the common roof of one year in Moscow. It was a modest party, which was attended by 10 people instead of the lush wedding.

Svetlana economic and music education, and after the wedding, she, having thrown pedagogical activity, became a personal assistant to actor and director of public relations.

The actor is interested in antiques: the kitchen of old utensils, ranging from coal irons, to samovars, spinning wheels, weapons ... and dreams of the day when it all beautifully put everything and hang out in their own home, which will be built, of course, for him. " konovalovskomu plan. "

Interesting facts

Maxim Konovalov interested in antiques and vintage cars.

In his free time shooting Maxim engaged in volleyball, skiing, swimming.

Maxim Konovalov never erected for yourself an idol and did not ask for autographs.

In the future Konovalov sees itself as a young and beautiful artist to 111 years.

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