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Economic policy and political economy - that is the range of topics on which I usually write. At the same time before the end to feel like a professional journalist is not very successful: whether due to the fact that this work has become my main occupation is relatively recent - less than five years ago, or because of the fact that I started to write, has exchanged fourth ten having behind a no experience in any way not connected with journalism. Even in the third year of the Moscow State Institute of International Relations, in the spring of 1991, my friends and I set up a company and start making money: traded in the metro seedlings and flowers, tried to enter million contract for the supply of whiskey and cigarettes were taken to Siberia dollars that it cost much more ... Soon there were enterprising Frenchmen, procuring Kursk knitted network of cheap supermarket Tati and hammers, axes, sledge hammers and other tools of a European directory. They needed a permanent representative in Russia, and I told them stayed until graduation, which had for 1993. Distributions then was gone, the French paid little, so the day after graduation, I went to the personnel department of the Russian Foreign Ministry has already - to ask in any African country. In Africa, just did not send, but not kicked him out. They offered to work a year in Moscow, the newly organized Department of extra-budgetary funding. However, the career official very soon - about a month - has lost all charm for me, and in August, reasoning that abroad can go to rest, I went to learn a new profession at the time the stockbroker. Vouchers, currency futures, T-bills, shares of MMM, LUKoil and RAO UES ... Behind the ruins of the three exchanges, the two banks, which have worked with a broker, analyst, consultant. However, all of the above to Maxim Blunt has nothing to do. Blunt was born in 2000, when brought to the editors of the magazine "Itogi" his first article on the Russian stock market.

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