Max Wall

Picture of Max Wall

Date of Birth: 03/12/1908

Age: 82

Place of birth: Brixton

Citizenship: United Kingdom


Author: Pauline Chelpanova

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Max Wall (Max Wall, real name - Maxwell George Lorimer) was born in 1908 in Brixton, London, England (Brixton, London, England). He was the son of a fairly successful Scottish comedian Jack Lorimer (Jack (Jock) Lorimer), well-known for his pop numbers, and his wife Stella (Stella), nee Clara Mitchison Maud (Maud Clara Mitchison). Max grew up with his older brother Alex (Alex). It is known that at the time of the bombing during World War II in 1916 killed their younger brother Bunty (Bunty), he was killed along with a nanny; Alex and Max then miraculously managed to escape by hiding under a heavy cast-iron bed. Later, the family left the mother, and the brothers were to live with his father, who lived only to 1920goda and died of tuberculosis, as a 37-year-old. Then my mother took to his sons, and their future life is held in Essex (Essex).

Max`s debut on stage took place in the age of 14. Later, to avoid the influence of the famous name of his father on his own career, he changed his name.

In the 1930s, Max began to appear on the silver screen, his early work was a picture `On the Air` in 1934 and` Save a Little Sunshine` in 1938. But then his career never took off, and after the Second World War, and Max was drafted into the RAF (Royal Air Force), where he served until 1943 when he returned from the front of disability.

The second time his acting career started in 1960, when producers and directors once again turned their attention to the comic talents of Max Wall. In 1968, the actor appeared in the comedy `Bang-bang oh-oh-oy` (Chitty Chitty Bang Bang), and in that time he played in the TV series` Street koronatsii` (Coronation Street) and `Crossroads`. Big Max actor`s luck was the role in the comedy adventure film `Dzhabervoki` (Jabberwocky) in 1977, as well as the role of Arthur Barrymore (Arthur Barrymore) in the British film `Dog Baskerviley` (The Hound of the Baskervilles) in 1978. The most notable work of Max in the 70s and became the role of Professor Uollovski (Professor Wallofski) in the show `Max Wall: Funny Man`.

At the same time, Wall and continued to perform at the theater, a great success enjoyed his program `An Evening with Max Wall`, in 1982 it was shown on TV and.

Last appearance in the movie Max Wall fell on 1989, it was the 12-minute short film `A Fear of Silence`, received the award of the New York Film Festival (New York Film and TV Festival). The whole film credits includes nearly 40 films and telekartin.

In the evening, May 20, 1990 82-year-old Wall fell in the restaurant `Simpson`s Restaurant` in Central London, in the fall after breaking his skull. He died early in the morning, and without regaining consciousness in the hospital Westminster Hospital. He was buried in the cemetery of Highgate Cemetery.

Max Walla experienced Maxine`s daughter (Maxine) and his four sons - Michael (Michael), Melvin (Melvin), Martin (Martin) and Meredith (Meredith).