Maurice Denham

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Date of Birth: 12/23/1909

Age: 92

Place of birth: Beckenham, Kent

Citizenship: United Kingdom


Author: Eugene Tantsurina

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Maurice Denham (full name William Maurice Denham) was born in 1909 in Beckenham (Beckenham), Kent (Kent), England. His parents were Winifred Eleanor (Eleanor Winifred) and Denham Norman (Norman Denham). From an early age, Maurice studied at school Tonbridge School and planned to get a degree as an engineer, but in 1934 he changed his mind in favor of the actor`s career.

His debut on television took place in 1938, it was then that he began to take part in the comedy radio shows and `ITMA`` Much Binding in the Marsh`. During the 1940s, he played in many films, the most famous of which were `Tvist` Oliver (Oliver Twist), shot in 1948,` Take my zhizn` (Take My Life), as well as the `Blue laguna` ( The Blue Lagoon). Shortly thereafter, he announced all the heroes of the animated version of the book `dvor` Animal (Animal Farm) famous English writer George Orwell (George Orwell) in 1954.

In the same year, Denham was nominated for `BAFTA Award`, for` the best role in the film of the first plana` `Purple ravnina` (The Purple Plain).

During acting career Morris has appeared in the films `Doctor on more` (Doctor at Sea),` Twenty-three steps Baker Strit` (23 Paces to Baker Street), `demona` Night (Night of Demon) and many others.

In addition to his career in movies, Denham has repeatedly participated in TV shows and serials. For example, in 1966, he appeared in the television drama `Talking to a Stranger`, and from 1972 to 1973rd worked in the television show` The Lotus Eaters`. He also was invited to the show `The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes` in 1993, the year.

In addition, Maurice participated in television broadcasts of the series `Doctor Who`. In 1984, he played a role in the series `The Twin Dilemma`, and then, in 1993, the actor was a participant in an audio version of the show.

As for the role on radio, he often acted `Oldest Member` - transmission, built on short stories PelemaGrenvill Wodehouse (Pelham Grenville Wodehouse) on the radio` BBC Radio 4`. He appeared also in the programs `Rumpole: The Splendours and Miseries of an Old Bailey Hack`,` A Tale of Two Cities` and `A Tale of Two Cities`.

Denham was married to Margaret Dunn (Margaret Dunn), with whom he lived from 1936 until her death in 1971; The family had three children.

In 1992, the actor received the Order of the British Empire.

July 24, 2002, the year Maurice Denham died in the London area; at that moment already 92 actor year.

In May 2003, in St Paul`s Cathedral (St. Paul`s Cathedral) service was held in memory of the life and work of the actor.

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