Matvey Ershov

Picture of Matvey Ershov

Date of Birth: 08/01/1886

Age: 130

Citizenship: Russia


At various times, I read philosophy course at the Kazan Theological Academy, Kazan and Far Eastern University. In the 2 nd floor. 20`s worked at the Faculty of Graduate Russian schools in Harbin. In one of his first articles ( "A Characterisation of judgments about Russian philosophy", published in the journal "Orthodox interlocutor" (Kazan, 1915) outlined the views Ershov N. Seliber French researcher on the essence of Russian philosophy. According to Ershov, the philosophy of science at large degree differs conditionality it constructs a "national warehouse", their dependence on the national characteristics of philosophers - the creators of these constructions ( "Introduction to philosophy", 1921). The effect of national origin to the warehouse thought to Ershov can not be doubted, as the originality of any thought due to peculiar language. The names "Greek philosophy", "Roman philosophy", "German philosophy", "Russian philosophy" and so on. n. Ershov not pure "place names". their very philosophical construct profoundly different from each other in their architectonics. and this difference due precisely to the national element as a kind of constitutive feature of every philosophical system. a significant achievement in the field of philosophy in Russia, for Ershov is the fact that there are "Russian teacher" and "Russian philosophical literature", in respect of which raises the question of its originality ( "Ways the development of philosophy in Russia ", 1922). Ershov was sure that those shocks, which the Russian people experienced from 1914 to 1921, will not pass in vain for his stories. Experienced people will be reflected in the national creativity, will be the subject of a "national reflection" - philosophy. Political and spiritual construction of Russia will be crowned this period, according to Ershov, "construction philosophy" in which the Russian nation will reveal a spiritual face in all its fullness and integrity of the individual.

Vanchugov B.