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Date of Birth: 10/11/1956

Age: 60

Place of Birth: Ontario

Citizenship: Canada


Actor Matt Craven (real name -. Matthew John Crnkovich) was born in 1956 in Ontario, Canada. His father died shortly after his birth, and six-month Matt, along with his sister and his mother moved to his hometown - San Catarina, where he spent his childhood actor. Matt`s first love was sport - he literally lived for hockey in the winter and baseball in the summer. I Studied Craven quite easily, and was one of the most successful students in high school, hoping to continue their education at a light head and sporting achievements. But life decided otherwise. Ailing mother`s business (she kept a hairdresser) Matt forced to quit school and start working. And, although he believed at the time that it is - just one year, to continue his studies, he never returned. The adult life began with non-permanent, often interchanging earnings - the young man was able to work a fireman, electrician, loader on board, a truck driver, a laborer. Soon, the mother recovered cases, but, instead of going back to school, already grown-up, Matt went to work. He left his parents` house, build railroads Canadian National Railway, and in the mid-seventies, went on a trip to Europe. Returning after three months, the traveler was again forced to take up the newspaper, which published advertisements of employment. It was then on Matt`s eyes and got information about the audition for a role in the formulation `Drakula`. But before you call and make Matt decided to go to the theater, to the inside look at the work that he decided to `the primerit`. In the evening, the young man went to the presentation ... and came back a different person - Matt Craven fell in love with acting forever. So, Matt realized that he had found, at last, the case, which would be happy doing all their lives. The role in `Drakule` he had received, and ahead of expected blestyaschayakarera with more than six dozen roles in film and television.

His film debut was a small role in the comedy `Frikadelki` (Meatballs) Ivan Raytmena; one set with a young actor working Bill Murray and Harvey Atkin. Immediately career, so to speak, I wondered - offers all the new roles to Craven received both television and on the producers and directors of big movies.

By the end of the eighties for his shoulders it was already more than a dozen films, among them -. `Happy Birthday menya` J. Lee Thompson,` Aluminum chelovechki` Barry Levinson, `Pale royal` Martin Lavut (where he played the main character, Gerald Price) and several series.

Over the years, his name in the credits rose pictures on all the higher line, and colleagues on the set became the brightest Hollywood stars. So, he played with Denzel Washington in Tony Scott`s thriller `priliv` Crimson (Crimson Tide), Michael Biehn worked for Charles Wilkinson in` Krah` (Breach of Trust), with Patrick Stewart met on the set of blockbuster `Zagovorschiki` Roger Christian. In 2000, the actor worked with Alec Baldwin and Brian Cox in creating Yves Simomno historical drama `Nyurnberg` (Nuremberg).

The director Alan Parker, Matt worked in the crime drama `The Life of David Geyla` in the year 2000. In 2006, he again invited his picture Tony Scott - this time the gunman shot the next `Deja vyu` (Deja Vu), and again in the title role proved to be favorite director - Washington.

Among recent works actor - Michael Mann`s film `Johnny D.` (Public Enemies) about the legendary bank robber John Dillinger. However, his schedule already includes projects in 2010 and 2011.

Matt Craven married to Sally Craven, the couple have two children, a daughter Josephine and her son Nicolas - this is their something the actor says, and his main work in life, and his main achievement.

Author: Pauline Chelpanova

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