Matluba Alimova

Picture of Matluba Alimova

Date of Birth: 08/12/1954

Age: 62

Place of birth: Andijan

Citizenship: Russia


Matluba Alimov was born and raised in Andijan. By nationality - she was half-Uzbek (from the Pope). As for the mother, then with her words: "In my mother`s blood are mixed as well! Both Georgians and Russian and Polish, and Germans ... "

Film Institute

In 1978 Matluba graduated from the acting department VGIK. There she studied with outstanding actor Alexei Batalov. This person Alimov and still speaks in the deepest respect, "Batalov is still for me a model of personality. And you know, he let us in the scene? Here you are, worried before leaving to go out and gather only at the right time as he takes over the shoulders and whispered: "Wait, wait, wait ...", and then gently push his hands: "I went ..!" After that, believe me, I have nothing to fear. "

debut movies

Immediately after the debut of VGIK Matluba Alimova in the movie. Her first role was a passionate Laura in the television series "Little Tragedies", staged by Michael Schweitzer on the works of A. Pushkin. In his very first picture Matlyuba lucky enough to play alongside such giants of Russian cinema as Innocent Smoktunovskij Natalia Belokhvostikova Nicholas Burlyaev, Vladimir Vysotsky, Sergei Jurassic ...

Gypsy Nastya

Following the "Little Tragedies" Alimov invited to be the proud and wild gypsy Nastia in the series "Roma". This picture brought the actress-Union glory. Alimov came so naturally to the role that all viewers believe in her gypsy roots. Yes there viewers! Roma themselves have recognized her as his! Matluba Farhatovna says: "Until now, in all airports Roma approach and immediately start talking to me in Romany. Well, of course, I stop them at once: "And now in Russian, please." In general, I am very grateful for what they called me his. So they said, "Anastasia, you`re ours!" I will not go especially Roma relationship, but believe me, these words are expensive. This is said not far from everyone. "

Later, in 1985 Matluba Alimov again played the role of Anastasia in the continuation of "Gypsy" - "Return Budulai".

Further work in the movie

In the 80 years Matluba Alimov starred in the movie a lot. Among these works were the principal, and bit parts. The most famous is its insidious Irina - the queen of the Byzantine historical tale GennadiyaVasileva "Vasily Buslaev".

In the 90 years Alimov moved away from cinema. Among her last works - role in social parable Georgian director Levan Zakareishvili "They" (1992). A little later came the picture of the Riga Film Studio "Inventor of the Pharaoh", which played the Egyptian queen Alimov Amasa. In addition, she appeared in a Turkish film.

Since the mid-90s Matluba Alimov in film it is not removed. The question "why?", She replied: "You could, of course, to act, and is it necessary? Someone says that you need to play that offer, but I do not think so. Probably, here it works batalovskaya school. I am absolutely calm attitude to the fact that live outside the world of cinema. I may even cool to the profession. Although ... with filmmakers still ties not den ... "