Matilda May

Picture of Matilda May

Date of birth: 08.02.1965

Age: 51

Place of Birth: Paris

Citizenship: France


Born in 1965 in the family of the writer and actor Victor Arab Khaimah, married a Frenchwoman. Since childhood she danced, she took acting lessons. In the cinema in 1984, the debut work "Nemo." Three times married: two former spouses Paul Powell and actor Gerard Darmon she divorced (with Darmon they raised two children). Third husband - also an actor Philip Kelly, with whom she together since 2000.


Actress critics skillfully realizes itself in different roles: musicals, fantasy ribbons, serious film-drama. Type persons, inherited from his father allowed directors to exploit it in the roles of women mysteries, having an internal appeal.

Best Picture: "The Jackal," "life force," "Naked Tango", "Kings of jokes," "The Secret of the Sahara". For the role of Juliet in "Owl Creek" was dignify 1987 "Cesar" national award in the category "actress-hope." Among the directors who invited the actress, were such famous masters of different genres as Claude Zidi ( "Kings of jokes"), Tobe Hooper ( "life force"), Jacques Demy, Werner Herzog, Michel Blanc ( "Intrigue of glory"), Bigas Luna ( "Chest and the moon").

Among the favorite choreographers Mathilde and Claude Chabrol ( "Owl Creek"), with which it co-operates to this day. In August 2007, will be the world premieres of their new collaboration