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Age: 34

Place of Birth: Poland

Citizenship: Poland


Peter Grinyov

Polish actors Mateusz Damenetski started acting since 10 years. When Mateusz was sixteen, he drew attention to the Russian director Alexander Proshkin. He was looking for the lead role of artist Peter Grinyova in his painting "Russian riot" (based on the works of Alexander Pushkin`s "The Captain`s Daughter"). According to the director, Mateus exceptionally suited for this role: the appropriate age, experience with film. A major argument in favor of it was just the fact that he, like his character, is a hereditary nobleman. Alexander Proshkin said about the young actor: "This is an exceptional boy: he fascinated all of us."

His appointment took Mateusz Damenetski enthusiastically: "When I found out that the film should be the historical and costume, and acting on Pushkin in Russia - I`m just mad with joy. I waited a whole week the answer: whether I really try for the lead role. I could not sit still, twice read the "Captain`s Daughter", and the period of history in which there is an action story, became my favorite. Finally came the great joy: I have approved. It is now very difficult, but beautiful work. I was taught to fence, ride. Despite the bitter cold, the atmosphere on the set was hot. The whole group - wonderful people with whom to meet cost. I experienced a great adventure, to which the back all the time. "

Played the leading female role of Masha Mironova director also found in Poland. She was Karolina Gruszka - a student of the Warsaw Theatre Academy (later became popular Polish actress).

On the screens of the picture came out only in 2000, and immediately caused a great resonance. Opinions critics divided. Some have noted a weak director`s work, accusing Proshkina in Americanism and unanimously criticized the Polish artists. However, there were those who spoke positively about the picture. This is one of those reviews, "Masha round-faced with dimples and concentrated, dark-skinned, blue-eyed green with a birthmark in the nose charming as the young cherubs. At the same time they make it extremely seriously - love, fight, rescues each other out of trouble, pray to God ... They - the perfect embodiment of unspoiled human noma and that is why they are given to get out alive from the fire. This is purely didactic, moralistic result of an "immoral" picture Russian riot "(Natalia Sirivlya).

In fact, the picture had both advantages and disadvantages are obvious. Time will put everything in its place, and the film "Russian riot" took its place in the history of the nascent Russian cinema.


1991 WOW (Poland)

1993 Hunter (Poland)

1993 Christmas Song (Poland)

Kordian 1994 (Poland)

1995-97 Mothers, wives, mistresses - series (Poland)

2000 Russian riot (Russia)

2001 Przedwiosnie (Poland)

Author: Igor BIN

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