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Year of birth : 1997

Age: 18 years

Place of birth : Lawrence, Kansas, USA

Citizenship : United States

Mates of State: On tour with the whole family

Husband and wife, Jason Hammel (Jason Hammel) and Cory Gardner (Kori Gardner), organized a musical duo Mates of State, remained active in 1997. The couple take with them on tour daughters, and Corey talks about his adventures in a blog tour.

Cory and Jason had first met in Lawrence, Kansas (Lawrence, Kansas), being bound by relationships with other people. They exchanged e-mails three months ; by this time Gardner and Hammel both became free. This prompted them to further convergence. Initially, the lovers were in Vosotros group with two other participants. Gardner and Hammel, both sang and played the guitar. Moving to California (California) in 1998, Gardner was engaged in teaching, and Hammel applied to medical school.

Subsequently, they are seriously engaged in music and began touring. In 2001-m Kori and Jason have legalized their relationship. The couple lived in San Francisco (San Francisco), where in 2004, moved to East Haven, Connecticut (East Haven, Connecticut). In February 2007, Gardner and Hammel sold their house in East Haven and settled in Stratford (Stratford, CT).

The couple have two daughters : Magnolia ,

2004 year of birth;and June Elizabeth, born in 2008. Touring activities for Mates of State has become a real family business, and the two daughters are constantly traveling with their parents. Gardner decided to blog, `Band on the Diaper Run`, which appeared on the website Babble.com. In his notes, it tells in detail about the nomadic life and shares amazing stories happen to her children.

The main tools used in the early records Mates of State, remained drums and electric organ. Gardner and Hammel, both holding a guitar, suddenly realized ,that often they experimented in their practice, and fooling around with just drums and organ, rather than with other tools.

In the later records the duo departed from the dominant sound of the organ and began to introduce additional tools - with a mini - album `EP All Day`. The changes did not stop with the release of their fourth studio album `Bring It Back`Whereas the fifth album `Re-Arrange Us` organ sounds not at all.

The song material Mates of State is different male and female vocal harmonies, changing rhythms and ` izvilistym` structuring compositions. Most of the tracks are equipped with different, almost incoherent fragments.

Both duo party, usuallyuse its full range of voice, often reaching its upper limits. Cory and Jason often sing at the same time - or dissimilar complementary melodies and lyrics.

Mates of State has recorded one album in the studio `Omnibus Records`, before you began to work with the company ` Polyvinyl` on recording his second and third full-length album. In December 2005, the musical tandem has signed a contract with the label `Barsuk Record`, then released two full-length records and a mini - album of remixes.

October 11, 2004 th Gardner and Hammel held a competition among its fans. Participants were asked to create a video for the song `Goods (All In Your Head)`, the first track from the mini- album `All Day`.The winning movie, directed by Jonathan Yi and Sam Goetz became the official music video for `Goods (All In Your Head)`. The results were shown on MTV June 12, 2005 - th.

Fifth album, `Re-Arrange Us`, the duo presented May 20, 2008 - th. Especially for the tour to support the release of Cory and Jason invited a group of multi- Judgement Day, the brothers Anton and Lewis Pattsnera. Expansion to the quartet took to add sound to some songs Mates of State.

June 15, 2010 came the first sixth studio album, `Crushes (The Covers Mixtape)`,composed entirely of cover songs recorded by other artists. The track list includes `Long Way Home` Tom Waits (Tom Waits),` Son Et Lumiere` rock band The Mars Volta, ` 17 Pink Sugar Elephants` Vashti Bunyan Vashti Bunyan, and others.On two songs with the release of `Crushes (The Covers Mixtape)` were filmed videos : `Love Letter` Nick Cave (Nick Cave) and ` True Love Will Find You in the End` Daniel Johnston (Daniel Johnston). Clip `Love Letter` directed by Daniel Garcia (Daniel Garcia), while the latter was made specifically for the transmission of ` Amplified` channel ABC News.`Mountaintops` album was released on 13 September 2001, on the independent label ` Barsuk`, like the two previous release Mates of State, `Bring It Back` and ` Re-Arrange Us`. The album `Mountaintops`, consisting entirely of original material, has received generally favorable reviews, according to the aggregator site ` Metacritic`.

In the journal `Spin`,put the score 7 out of 10, the following was written : ` ` Mountaintops` In the album there are a lot of songs cheerful comic content, but the strongest impressions are epic, mournful song `At Least I Have You` and ` Unless I`m Led`, indicating that even the truest love is still fraught with loneliness and pechalyu`. Music journalist Robert Christgau (Robert Christgau) put ` ` Mountaintops` estimate five to minusom` and wrote that the musical integrity of the album leaves you with the feeling that the duo Mates of State is more than just a good group.

Since of 2010 ,Cory and Jason take with them on tour guitarist Kenji Shinagawa and trumpeter John Penosa.

June 11, 2013 - th team Mates of State joined the tour `Give Up` indie band The Postal Service. The last point for speeches became Boston (Boston), scored the eyeballs Barklays-Center in Brooklyn (Brooklyn) and concerts in Minnesota (Minnesota) and Kansas City (Kansas City).

The duo Mates of State opened the last concert in the history of The Postal Service, in the Chicago hall `Metro`, August 4, 2013 -th.

According to the news on June 16, 2015, posted on the official website of Mates of State, the new mini-duet album called `You`re Going To Make It`.

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