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BiographyThe first serious attempt to make music, owning a own team, was for Robert Kelly Thomas (Robert Kelly Thomas) group Tabitha`s Secret.

The team lodged in Florida, where the young musician moved from South Carolina, where he grew up and graduated from high school (and was born, by the way, on the other side of the ocean - in Germany,at the military base) . Although not very long career, Tabitha`s Secret already gained popularity among music lovers state. Together with the composer and singer Rob Thomas in the quintet played music as drummer Paul Dyushe (Paul Doucette) and bassist Brian yal (Brian Yale). This trinity ,Tabitha`s Secret devoting several months of his nascent career, one day decided to change the role and composition. By expanding the ranks by guitarist Kyle Cook (Kyle Cook) and Adam Gaynor (Adam Gaynor), five soon taken to tour in advance to acquire future fans. Several demos ,made in 1996 specifically for producer Matt Serletika (Matt Serletic), fall into the disposal label Lava leadership, Atlantic Records division.

The group has already stopped at Matchbox 20 title, the studio and gets mistaken for her debut album. The youngest participant, guitarist Kyle Cook, only 19 ,but most age, guitarist Adam Gaynor, already 28. And the author of all the songs and lead singer Rob Thomas - the man in the juice, he just turned 25. Besides great musical potential,young team could boast a fair amount of luck : on the day of publication of the debut album "Yourself OR Someone Like You" was officially merge Lava and Atlantic Records. So that the release was much louder promotion than the one on which the musicians could expect at first. And the album was worth it -for the six -odd years since the publication of circulation Long-play exceeded 12 million copies. And immediately after the appearance on the market the disc "Yourself OR Someone Like You" began to actively push apart their rivals in the US charts and climbed to Billboard Hot 200 of the fifth row.

The first single "Long Day" proved to be quite popular in the rock radiostations. But the success of the second single "Push" from listeners far surpassed all forecasts musicians. Although it was not without confusion : the vocalist had to quickly explain to the public concerned, what is the point he invested in the concept of violence, and to reassure everyone that we are talking about the emotional, mental ,rather than physical violence : " I am surprised that people may consider me a chauvinist, who advocates violence against women. But in the song it is a much more subtle things about how you can emotionally manipulate people. " For the next, 97th year, the clip "Push" managed to subdue the MTV audience ,and their debut album went triple platinum.

Of course, to see and hear the young rockers wanted thousands of music fans across the country. The first tour group of the United States took place mainly in the clubs, but even such a relatively small audience has supported the release, which stubbornly refused to leave the Top 10. In 1998, readers of the magazine "Rolling Stone" named Matchbox 20 best new group and hit "Push" brought the band the first Grammy nominations and two awards Billboard Music Video Awards.

Creativity composer and author Rob Thomas poetry is not passed by the attention of colleagues in show business. The sensational song "Smooth",recorded a musician with a famous guitarist Carlos Santana (Carlos Santana), not only became a worldwide hit of 1999 : the single copies in the edition of the year more than one million copies, and in addition, "Smooth" brought Santana tandem Thomas three Grammy Awards.Deciding to slightly adjust the name (of Matchbox 20, the group has become a Matchbox Twenty), in 2000, the five began to record the second disc. The album "Mad Season" was released in June 2000. The hit single "Bent", an excellent example of a growing group of sound, made a successful debut in the US charts ,in order to finally climb to the top of the Billboard Hot 100. The second single, "If You`re Gone" shortly after the release topped the rating Billboard`s Adult Top 40. In support of the album, the band toured a lot and actively ; flowing one into the other part of the tour stretched for almost two years. In early 2001, the team received two nominations Grammy - for the song "Bent" and the album "Mad Season".

Only in October 2001 the musicians manage to take a small break. Rob Thomas has time to work with Willie Nelson (Willie Nelson), Mick Jagger (Mick Jagger), Marc Anthony (Marc Anthony) and old colleague Carlos Santana. Guitarist Cook takes the time to his side project The New Left. Dyushe drummer and guitarist Adam Gaynor try forces in solo work, write and process their own material in the studio (flash composing talent they succeed in the new job Matchbox Twenty).In April 2002 the band going on the show stage "Willie Nelson and Friends: Stars and Guitars". And soon they find themselves in the studio, share their ideas and make their first studio sketches. In November 2002, in the sale appears the third release of Matchbox Twenty "More Than You Think You Are".Above the entry with the team working again unchanged producer Matt Serletik. The new album was received (as fans and critics alike) without much fuss, and for many has become more frustrating than an excuse expectations. At this point, the total circulation of the first two drives has already exceeded 20 million copies worldwide.But to maintain this unbelievable pace of the new record will probably not be able to. Although the first single "Disease", a powerful stadium rock, makes a strong impression.

To date, the group behind the award " Pop Song of the Year " ("If You`re Gone") from the organizers of the BMI 2000, plus a number of personal awards Rob Thomas ,whose talent as a composer noted not only colleagues. Already mentioned three Grammy awards did not stop. At the ceremony, BMI, 1999, he was named best pop composer, and the organizers of the awards Billboard two consecutive years, called him the best songwriter.

Having played for six years with little more than a thousand concerts,Matchbox Twenty and move on in an equally busy schedule. For two and a half months, from late April to early July 2003, they give 51 concerts in the United States, crossing the country from coast to coast. We were pleased with the summer offers a number of American and European festivals, in September, the band returns to Europe with a tour round ,covering the UK and Germany.

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