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MASTODON - an explosive, unstoppable force. Has an uncanny perception of songwriting, fearless innovation, unparalleled technicality and bottomless whirlpool of talent and creativity, MASTODON, unquestionably, one of the most exciting new groups, formed in the last decade.

MASTODON formed in 1999 ,when drummer Brann Deylor (Brann Dailor) and guitarist Bill Kelliher (Bill Kelliher) moved to Atlanta from his native city of Rochester, New York. Just three weeks after arriving in Atlanta, Deylor and Kelliher met bassist Troy Sanders (Troy Sanders) and guitarist Brant Hinds (Brent Hinds) on the show HIGH ON FIRE, Hinds is spent in his basement.In Deylora and Kelliher had almost a decade of experience with games and tours; Sanders and Hinds - a half-dozen years. For a couple of weeks of existence, the quartet has generated a solid set of powerful songs. These songs are barely touching the surface of the bottomless pit the ideas of the group.Entitled MASTODON the band recorded their first demo in June 2000. With the new demo in hand, the team began the cycle of tours through much of the eastern states, combining them with numerous local performances, supporting QUEENS OF THE STONE AGE, MORBID ANGEL, CANNIBAL CORPSE and many others.Exceptional live performances MASTODON impressed to such an extent that in a few months, the contract was signed and the group was admitted to the Relapse family. In spring 2001 MASTODON again shone on tour through the eastern states with EYEHATEGOD, KEELHAUL and BURNT BY THE SUN. MASTODON yield of feelings at each concert tour,leaving a whole new contingent of fans hungry for more music. Their impressive reputation for live performances helped them to get to the summer tour again through the East Coast and Midwest, where they linked up with THE FUCKING CHAMPS. The tour took them through countless festivals (Milwaukee Metalfest, Hellfest, World Series of Metal and Mid-South Metal Fest), whose visitors have witnessed an entirely new forms of energy and strength.

In August, the group `s debut EP` Lifesblood`, released on Relapse, hit with adamantine force. `Lifesblood` illustrated striking more technical skill group, memorable moves and devastating ability to stun, what they did every night at every club.`Lifesblood` not only marked them on the map, he proved once and for all, that the perception of sound and MASTODON defied categorization.

Aspiring to keep going forward, MASTODON polished his new material and entered the studio Man Or Astroman? `S Zero Return Studios in Atlanta with producer Matt Beylesom (Matt Bayles) (ISIS, BURNT BY THE SUN,PEARL JAM) in October 2001 to record their first full-length album `Remission`. If `Lifesblood` was just eye-opening introduction, then to` Remission` MASTODON certainly woke bombarded with heavy metal music scene. `Remission` joined the mental and technical, still cutting lyrics unconditionally allied with unrestrained and exciting content.Do creative, outstanding, graceful and strong `Remission` traced such features, that make this release a benchmark standard, which will stick to the other, and will ultimately be measured by it. Rarely rock is so clean and energetic.

Songs like galloping "March of the Fire Ants," beautiful "Ol`e Nessie,"" Mother Puncher`s "with the guitar playing, like a maze, and severe" Workhorse "almost reach the classics, and the remaining seven tracks on the album are not far behind them.

The quartet continued their road works immediately after Remission exit. For the first two-month tour of North America in support of HIGH ON FIRE was followed by numerous concerts with HATEBREED, CLUTCH and FIVE POINTE O.The quartet finished a busy 2002 Japanese tour with HIGH ON FIRE and fast train in eastern states with The DILLINGER ESCAPE PLAN.

MASTODON began in 2003 with the appearance on the Relapse Contamination Festival,about which much has been said, and their first European tour with HIGH ON FIRE. Then the group began a US tour, where he first acted as a headliner, settling in round Relapse North American Contamination with fellow label CEPHALIC CARNAGE, UPHILL BATTLE and DYSRHYTHMIA.MASTODON immediately followed in Contamination Tour from two European tours, where they were the headliners, the spring / summer 2003, including a number of concerts in Iceland, where the group also was the headliner. In September 2003 MASTODON States crossed the length and breadth of heavy rockers CLUTCH,increasingly strengthening the power and beauty of their revered live performances.

MASTODON made their own way, and `Remission` approved the group as a catalyst, the purpose of which was to change the face of heavy music for the better. `Remission` shocked the entire community of hard rock,while critics and fans alike praised the diversity and strength of the album. MASTODON graced the pages of almost every music publication worthy of attention around the world as well as local newspapers in North America, including New York`s Village Voice, LA Weekly, San Francisco Bay Guardian, St. Louis Riverfront Times, Orlando Weekly, Broward-Palm Beach New Times, Washington Post, Dallas Morning News, Austin Chronicle and a dozen others.

In autumn 2003 MASTODON were selected to appear among the big names of heavy music, when they were invited to participate in the drafting of MTV2 two CD "Headbangers Ball".

MASTODON`a song "March of the Fire Ants" appeared alongside the likes heavy music,like SLAYER, DEFTONES and HATEBREED, together with the rapidly developing counterparts KILLSWITCH ENGAGE, SHADOWS FALL, POISON THE WELL and ARCH ENEMY. Headbangers Ball album sold 150,000 copies, exposing the group to court legions of new fans. In November 2003, MASTODON recorded their first video.The world premiere of the video "March of the Fire Ants", filmed in their native Atlanta Rallmanom director Chad (Chad Rullman) (NEUROSIS), was featured on MTV2 program "Headbangers Ball", and the video immediately gained a reputation `Bang nedeli `(www. mtv.com / onair / mtv2 / headbangers_ball /).Video MASTODON brought in countless TV lounges metal fans and remained stable in rotation on MTV2 and program Fuse`s "Uranium" in 2004. With the success of the video, MASTODON were invited into the studio as an extra leading "Headbangers Ball" and helps leading Jamie Jasta (Jamey Jasta), a day St.Valentina 2004. Praise continued,while MASTODON been named the magazine ALTERNATIVE PRESS one of the "Group that you need to know in 2004 " and the magazine Metal Hammer one of the " 50 bands that you should listen to" 2004 (with THE BRONX, AVENGED SEVENFOLD, MATCHBOOK ROMANCE and VELVET REVOLVER (ex-GUNS N` ROSES).In February 2004 MASTODON it has been named one of the " 25 most important bands in metal," the AP magazine, as well as one of the " 25 greatest live bands performing" magazine Revolver. Revolver The list also included such giants of rock as KISS, NIRVANA, LED ZEPPELIN, AC / DC and SLAYER.MASTODON have teamed up with CLUTCH for a successful three-week operation in February and immediately followed in separate concerts on the west coast on the way to Seattle, where they settled in the two studios - Robert Lang Studios (NIRVANA, PRETTY GIRLS MAKE GRAVES, FOO FIGHTERS) and Litho Studios (DEFTONES, SOUNDGARDEN,BOTCH) with producer Matt Beyls (Matt Bayles), to record material for their second album `Leviathan`. Released in August 2004, "Leviathan" put the world of heavy music to the ears, MASTODON received a huge number of approvals from both fans and critics.Television and print profiles the group continued to grow immediately after the release of the album, MASTODON and were invited on a European tour with Hatebreed, SLIPKNOT and SLAYER. After the European trip, MASTODON immediately went with SLAYER and KILLSWITCH ENGAGE tour 2004 Jagermeister Music.One of the most popular tracks on the album Leviathan, Blood and Thunder popalav song soundtrack to such games, like Need for Speed: Most Wanted and Project Gotham Racing 3.

November 3, 2005 it was announced two full release: it is "Call of the Mastodon", the CD contains a compilation of early demos band, release on 7 February 2006 ,and "The Workhorse Chronicles", on this DVD contained an interview, live recordings and other materials are recorded in the period of five years, the release took place on February 21 this year. These were the last releases made on Relapse Records.

MASTODON sign a new contract with Warner Music label.The group immediately prestupaetk record a new studio album, "Blood Mountain", which was released in 2006 12sentyabrya "Blood Mountain" was originally planned as part of one edinayabolshaya musical theme.; Nevertheless, the individual selection of album becomes compositions not "symphony" operation.

August 6, 2006the album "Blood Mountain" is also in prosachilsya of online, although at a low level of quality.On a hidden track included in some P2P bootable version of the album, there is a verbal text of the person claiming to Joshua M. Homme, frontman of Queens of the Stone Age, uploaded their new album in the internet.

From June to July 2006immediately before the release of "Blood Mountain", MASTODON toured North America in "The Unholy Alliance tour", along with Slayer, Children of Bodom, Lamb of God, and Thine Eyes Bleed. MASTODON just predstaveli his composition `Colony of Birchmen` on" Late Night "Teleshov Conan O`Braina. All end of 2006 and beginning of 2007the band toured and soon, together with the legendary Tool will, MASTODON otpravelis in Europe.


Brann Dailor - drums

Troy Sanders - bass, vocals

Brent Hinds - guitar, vocals

Bill Kelliher - Guitar

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