Maryana Tsaregradskaya

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Date of Birth: 09/02/1972

Age: 44

Citizenship: Russia


Author: Igor BIN

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Choosing a profession

As a child, Mariana Tsaregradskaya dreamed of becoming a ballerina. Diligent student (high school she studied exclusively "to-excellent"), she graduated from the Ballet School, but his dream could not be realized. Prevented physique - tall and large forms with which she could expect at best to the corps de ballet. Then Mariana decided to become an actress. She came from Kiev to Moscow and, despite the huge competition, the first time entered GITIS.

First marriage

In Moscow during exams Mariana Tsaregradskaya met her future husband. The young man was from a very educated family: his father was a member of the Union of Artists, where he held a senior position, and my mother worked as a doctor. Soon after the wedding, and even after a while, Mariana realized what a mistake she made.

It would seem that everything was fine - my husband loved it, they were well off, but one has not considered Mariana, marrying - their different mentality. The fact that her husband was a Muslim. Mariana says: "It`s hard to explain, like the same language spoken, but something important and essential to us do not match. I can not imagine what it means to live with a man, whose family so strictly complied with national customs. We have only once met New Year with his family: a man sitting in the living room and watch TV, but we, women, have left in the bedroom. husband`s sister was embroidering something, I cried

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