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Date of Birth: 03/23/1985

Age: 31

Place of birth: Moscow

Citizenship: Russia

continuer of a dynasty of actors

Author: Andrew Puminov

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Maryana Spivak - Russian theater and film actress, who thanks to his talent and hard work with great success continued the dynasty of actors. It was a childhood surrounded by an atmosphere of creativity. Her mother, actress Ekaterina Vasilieva and father, actor and director Timothy Spivak, from an early age instilled his daughter a love for art. They played a significant role in the development of creative personality Mariana and grandparents. Santa - screenwriter, film director and cinematographer. These remarkable films like `In the forest brusnika` and` Farewell slavyanki` exactly he removed. Grandmother - actress and People`s Artist Zhanna Prokhorenko. She starred in the films `Kalina krasnaya`,` Marriage Balzaminova`, `Ballad of soldate` and others. Both mother and grandmother Mariana graduated from the VGIK. Father of actress was educated at GITIS.

Maryana Spivak Born in Moscow in 1985. The young actor`s family lived in Otradnoe district of the capital in a three-room apartment. Marital happiness did not last long, and Mariana`s parents divorced when she was three years old. Spacious apartment exchanged, after which Ekaterina Vasileva and her daughter moved to live closer to his grandmother, Jeanne Prokhorenko in Troparevo area.

In school, Mariana was the epitome of creative activity. She always took an active part in school performances, speaking in the rooms and doing staging skits. Maryana Spivak byla`pripankovannym` teenager, as she calls herself. Baggy ripped jeans, sweaters spacious, rock music - that was the style of maturing Mariana. From school years she studied English intensively. Deep study it contributed to the fact that while my mother worked as a translator of English-speaking films for television. Later Mariana successfully graduated English courses frantsuzs whom and Latin at the Diplomatic Academy of Moscow.

In 10th grade Mariana voluntarily withdrew from school in a regular school. The reason for this was a conflict situation with the teacher. Mariana finished school with honors. While studying she successfully combined with the preparation for entry into a theatrical institution. To do this, she attended training courses Moscow Art Theatre School, working on a program for admission. The conscious desire to become an actress came to Mariana in the 10th grade. Until that time, it is safe to say that would be a veterinarian or a journalist, not an actress. She was intimately familiar with how difficult a profession of an actor. Parents are also advised her daughter to follow in their footsteps. However, in high school, Mariana realized that she loves to play and does it better than the rest. Girlfriend girl Darya Moroz at the time was already a second year student of theater. She suggested Mariana how best gotovitsyak entrance exams and where to apply for it. Going to the exam, Mariana was not sure in their abilities, but on the basis of entrance tests its doors opened to her several theater schools: Shchukin School, the University and the Moscow Art Theatre. Spivak opted for the Moscow Art Theatre.

During her studies she starred in productions Gamlet` `` With no favorite rasstavaytes`, `May Night or Utoplennitsa`, `` Three sestry` and Nameless zvezda`. Theatrical Spivak course she graduated with honors. After that, she began working in the troupe `Satirikon`, where she performed roles in many productions - Lady Anne in Richard` Tretem` role of the daughter of Lear in King `Lire`, Matrona in` Balzaminove` and many others.

actress career began for Mariana Spivak in early childhood. When she was five years old, she starred in the movie `While the thunder gryanet`. Later, Mariana participated in the filming of `Eralasha`. In the fairy tale `Woe-zloschaste` rented by Mariana`s father, she sang the role of Vasilisa. This was followed by a role in the TV series `Wali Bliznetsy`, where the actress co-starred with her mother. In 2008, the Mariana got into the famous TV series `Gluhar`, and in 2001 starred in the film` The bullet-dur-4`.

Spivak successfully tried her hand at work on radio - she voiced a role in Smagina `Transitional vozraste`. With great pleasure Mariana works as an actress dubbing. She voiced Proctor in the movie `Ghost patrul`, Dr. Ellie Sattler in Jurassic Park` perioda`, Emma in the film `Paranoyya` and many other roles in foreign films. It is also an actress and work in voice acting cartoons.

By the way, the nature of the actress left-handed. It is known that people with such a feature - talented person with creative thinking. In addition to the basic talent, Mariana also true needlewoman - in his spare time, she enjoys creating flower arrangements, and as a child loved to weave of beads. Musical preferences actress - a classic Russian and foreign rock. She likes to listen to the composition of groups `Queen`,` Led Zeppelin`, `Nirvana`, Zemfira,` Night snayperov` and other rock bands.

Maryana Spivak fun to play characters unlike her, with diametrically opposite qualities and features.

Now Mariana most of their time paid work in the theater, less acting in the movie. The actress likes to play a variety of roles in the theater, which, according to her, was allowed to comprehensive development and manifestation of creativity.

Maryana Spivak - a vivid example of the fact that only the occupation favorite thing allows a person to move confidently forward to new and interesting creative achievements and delight others with their work.

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