Marya Zankovetskaya

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Date of Birth: 08/03/1860

Age: 72

Place of birth: a. Zanko

Citizenship: Ukraine


Mary Zankovetskaya born July 22 (Aug. 3) 1860 in the village Zanka Nizhyn district of Chernihiv province (now the Chernihiv region) in the family of an impoverished landowner. She graduated from high school female in Chernigov.

Even from a young age Mary Zankovetskaya performed at amateur concerts. In 1882 she made her debut on the professional stage. Beautiful voice Marya Konstantinovna (mezzo-soprano) contributed to its success on the stage.

Worked in the largest Ukrainian company under the direction of M. Kropivnitskogo, MP Staritskogo, NK Sadovsky, PK Saksaganskogo, IK Karpenko-Kary and others. In 1907, together with Sadowski organized the first professional stationary Ukrainian House in Kyiv. After the October Revolution led the National Theatre in the beautiful ancient city (1918), he participated (together with Saksaganskogo) in the creation of the National Theatre in Kiev (1918, now the Ukrainian Drama Theatre. M. Zankovetska in Lviv).

Sooner I felt attracted to the scene. The parents opposed her artistic career, but she decided to surrender to the stage and made her debut in "Natalka-Poltavka" Elizabethgrad (1882). The flowering of talent Zankovetska dates back to her game in a rich artistic forces troupe M. Kropivnitskogo and later in the company of NK Sadovsky. Criticism without distinction areas highly valued artistic talent Zankovetska. Direct charm Zankovetska game was irresistible. In his scenic work of an artist, not only embodies the national images, but rise to the human types. Her work paved the way to the future of the Ukrainian theater. The tour is in Moscow and St. Petersburg have established her great reputation.

In 1906, Mary Zankovetskaya participated in the creation of the first stationary Ukrainian theater in Kiev, 1918 - National Theatre (Kiev, now the Ukrainian Drama Theater in Lviv Zankovetska.).

Zankovetskaya played a variety of roles, ranging from funny, like Priski ( "Audit") and ending with a deep-drama in the plays "Naymychka" "As long as the sun rises, the dew eyes vyest", "Not so sklalosya, yak were waiting", etc. . The most talented out her role selflessly loving and gentle young women. In St. Petersburg Zankovetskaya successfully performed in "Tatyana Repina", Russian play.

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