Mary Theresa Brunner

Picture of Mary Theresa Brunner

Date of Birth: 12/17/1943

Age: 72

Birthplace: Eau Claire

Citizenship: United States


Born and raised Mary in Eau Claire, Wisconsin (Eau Claire, Wisconsin), in the family of John (John) and Evelyn Brunner (Evelyn Brunner). After school, Brunner went to California, where he studied at the University of Wisconsin-Madison`s (University of Wisconsin-Madison) until 1965, the year. Brunner worked in the library at the University of California (University of California); it was there that she met 33-year-old Charles Manson. Mary has taken Charles to his apartment; a couple of weeks they`ve slept together. Soon Manson sold the piano of his new girlfriend, and spent the money on a cheap van; Brunner gave up her job and went with Charles to travel across the expanses of California.

In 1967, Mary became pregnant by Manson; April 15, 1968, was born her son, Michael Valentine (Valentine Michael). By the time the Manson Family was already several young women; however, not all were so enthusiastic admirers of Charles as Brunner. In the end it was decided to settle down; new group house became a ranch Span (Spahn Ranch), not far from Chatsworth (Chatsworth). Works with most members of the family did not have; young people and adolescents spend free time in a drugged slumber and sexual orgies; provided they themselves are mainly selling drugs and stolen cars.

Brunner and 8 family members on April 21 th 1968 - including Manson himself - were arrested by the local authorities; they caught strolling naked through the spontaneous camp, shattered around stolen 9th days earlier bus. Manson was accused of theft, three more of his friends - indecency; others almost immediately released. Brunner was suspected of improper child care - wear on Valentine left a lot to be desired; Soon the boy was taken to a local hospital. Later the charges were dropped with Mary and her son returned.

25 July 1969, a family member, musician and actor Bobby Beausoleil (Bobby Beausoleil), together with certain Brunner and Susan Atkins (Susan Atkins) decided to visit his friend, Gary Hinman. Hinman had already talked with the family and took them periodically at a party. July 31, was found dead by Gary - a bad cut face and two stab wounds in the chest. With parking at the house lost both cars Hinman; one of them, `Fiat`, police found on 5 August 1969. In the car, quietly dozing Beausoleil; Shoulder hung a knife. Of course, Bobby was immediately arrested on suspicion of murder. Three days later, she was arrested and Brunner - when trying to pay off credit cards stolen.

Say, what happened in the house Hinman, it is difficult. It is assumed that Gary was killed because of a reluctance to give to family members available to him a large sum of money; exactly who dealt with him, and will remain a mystery. Ultimately, Beausoleil and Atkins were sentenced to life imprisonment, while Brunner was set free.

August 21, 1971, Brunner was involved in the robbery of the store in Hawthorne (Hawthorne). Family members brought out of the store 143 rifles and began to discuss the fate of the trapped customers and store employees; And then the police arrived in time. In the ensuing firefight, Mary was wounded, but not mortally; for taking part in the robbery she spent six years in the women`s prison in California.

Upon his release in 1977, Brunner, apparently decided to take up the mind - to break off all relations with the family and returned her son, Mary changed its name; exactly where she lives now - is unknown.

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