Mary Philbin

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Date of Birth: 07/16/1903

Age: 89

Place of birth: Chicago

Citizenship: United States


The actress was born in Chicago, July 16, 1903. She was the only child in the family of John and Mary Philbin, of Irish descent. In his youth, he took dance lessons and piano. Her friend was Carl Laemmle, the future actress and niece of director Carl Laemmle, founder of the film company Universal Pictures. In 1919, Mary won a beauty contest, in which the grand prize was the role in the film "Blind Husbands". However, her parents initially refused to release sixteen daughter in Los Angeles, where the shooting took place, and while Mary to settle the matter, its role has departed another actress.

However, thanks to the patronage of Carla, who introduced his friend and uncle Irving Thalberg, Mary still hit the cinema. Her film debut was a small role in the 1921 melodrama "Paving the Way". In the same year she appeared in five films, and in one of them - the melodrama of lovers caught in a storm, called "danger ahead" - starred Tress Harlow.

Career Mary began to develop rapidly. In 1922, she joined the list WAMPAS Baby Stars, which annually elected thirteen promising young actresses, and, since 1923 has become increasingly getting leading roles ( "Carousel", "Temple of Venus", "Rose of Paris" and others.). In 1925, being at the peak of career, she starred in "Phantom of the Opera," a horror film, playing a singer Christina pursued by the ghost of Lon Chaney character. This was followed by the main role of Stella Maris in the drama "Star of the Seas", a remake of the eponymous film in 1918 with Mary Pickford.

At the same time the actress had an affair with Paul K

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