Mary Ann Britland

Picture of Mary Ann Britland

Age: 39

Place of Birth: Bolton

Citizenship: United Kingdom


She was born Mary Ann Hagyu (Mary Ann Hague) in Bolton, Lancashire (Bolton, Lancashire). In 1866 she married Thomas Britlenda (Thomas Britland) in Ashton-under-Lyne (Ashton-under-Lyne). We lived wife in semnoy house on Turner Lane (Turner Lane); It had two daughters. Britlend was forced to work two jobs at once - in the afternoon at a local factory, and in the evening - a servant in the local bar.

In February of 1886, Mary said that her home bred mouse; in order to overcome infection tailed, Britlend bought a few packets of rat poison. As the poison was made of arsenic and strychnine, Mary had to sign a special register of poisons buyers. Such clear evidence, however, has not kept Britlend abandon the planned - and she was going to poison mice did not ...

The first victim was the Britlend her eldest daughter, 19-year-old Anna Elizabeth (Elizabeth Hannah); She poisoned her Mary March 1886 th. The doctor could not identify the poisoning and said that the girl has died of natural causes; Mary Ann had even 10 pounds - exactly the same amount was insured Elizabeth. On May 3, died Thomas Britlend; this time doctors diagnosed epilepsy - giving inconsolable widow the opportunity to get another check. Shortly thereafter, Mary was invited to live to the neighbors - it sheltered at Thomas Dixon (Thomas Dixon), who lived with his wife, literally across the street. According to rumors, Dixon and Britlend had an affair - and prevented him only Dixon, Mary, the wife of Thomas. I solved this problem by Mary Britlend way already spent - May 14 its namesake died.

After the third death row - in almost identical circumstances and with a rather unusual symptoms - police finally became suspicious. Soon, Mary Ann had to stand before the interrogators - the body of the last victim was exhumed, and the pathologist discovered the real cause of her death. Britlend and Dixon were arrested; in the end, Mary Ann started to give the necessary indications. According to her, she began to kill solely out of love for Thomas Dixon; This fully explains the death of Mary Dixon and Thomas Britlenda. With the eldest daughter Mary dealt with fear - it seemed that the 19-year-old Elizabeth guessed her plan.

Britlend was charged with three murders; Dixon, in turn, was acquitted and released. July 22, 1886 of Mary Ann appeared in court. The motives of her actions have not yet been unraveled - the first time the detectives suspected that Britlend murder prompted a desire to get the insurance money. In the course of the hearing came up a lot of circumstantial evidence - not just Mary talked with friends about the poisoning, rat poison, and - most importantly - how you can hide the traces of poisoning. It was possible to find the detectives and the same registry, in which the accused at the time signed for when buying poison. Eventually, Mary Anne was sentenced to death by hanging - though the guilty and not guilty.

On the day Britlend penalty in the morning was some unconscious; the guards had to almost carry her to the scaffold. Already at the very gallows Mary Ann kept two guards - and keep them it had all the time it took the executioner, James Berry (James Berry), to prepare the hanging. Britlend became the first woman, was executed by hanging in the prison Strangeways Prison.