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Date of Birth: 06/30/1966

Age: 50

Place of birth: Invercargill

Nationality: New Zealand


Author: Alexei Bulatov

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Marton Csokas became an actor in 1989, after graduating from theater school in New Zealand. His first role play took place in 1994 in the fantasy film `Jack Brown - geniy`. Two years later, Marton hit the star of the soap opera Shortland `strit`-Darko and played in the drama` Alien svadba`.

Having fulfilled the role in a variety of theatrical performances, Marton Csokas co-founded his own theater company `Stronghold Theatre`. He played in an episode of `Hercules: The Legendary priklyucheniya` in 1995 and continued to work with the film company `Renaissance Pictures` 1997-1998 season of the series` Xena - voinov`.

Marton Csokas starred in such projects, the New Zealand and Australian production is series `On the edge Vselennoy`, `Lord zverey`, Cleopatra` 2525`, movies and `` Hurrah` obezyany` mask and returned in three episodes of the series` Xena - voinov` in 2000-2001 season.

Marton Csokas born on June 30 1966 in Invercargill to the Long White Cloud, New Zealand. Actor - at the same time a citizen of the European Union, Hungary and the United States permanent resident.

the actor`s mother - a nurse who lives in Tasmania, and Marton Csokas father was Hungarian, who emigrated to New Zealand after the Second World War. Marton Csokas Sr., worked at home in the Hungarian circus and who had studied at the opera singer on new home feed the family through the profession of mechanical engineer. Of course, some talent was inherited by his son.

Vocational training Marton started with the University of Canterbury, Christchurch, New Zealand, where he received a Bachelor of Arts with a degree in history `iskusstva`, and then graduated from the drama school New Zealand in December 1989.

His first play a role in the film `Jack Brown - geniy` turned into work with such renowned directors as Ridley Scott (historical action` kingdom nebesnoe`), Paul Greengrass (film `Excellence Borna`) and Peter Jackson (The Lord of the trilogy` Kolets` ).

Vazhnoyvehoy career was written by playwright Tom Stoppard famous play `Arkadiya` where Marton Csokas played Septimus, and in the play `Julius Tsezar` - the role of Brutus. Both plays were staged Auckland Theatre Company. And for Ted Haley television role in biopic `Three pomoschnika` Marton Csokas she received a nomination for the award` Emmi`.

List of famous films with his participation complement criminal action `Three iksa`, fantasy` Aeon Flaks` with Charlize Theron and the upcoming family film of 2010 `Alice in chudes` with a whole galaxy of star actors.

Marton dating actress Eva Green, whom he met while working in the film `The kingdom nebesnoe`.

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