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Date of Birth: 12/13/1954

Age: 61

Citizenship: Latvia

My homeland - Siberian hut

Author: Marian SAEED SHAH

Website: Celebrities

What a gallant they - these handsome Baits! Well, some of our actors, agreeing to let journalists into his house, drove them to a car ?! Himself this act he immediately endeared us to him. Up area of ??Riga, where he lives an actor, we went for a long time. On the way to Martins stopped the car:

- Sorry, my friends, you have to run to the store, my wife asked for something to buy for children.

Martins, you look wonderful - we have noted.

- I try to keep fit. I recently starred in "Scythian Gold", she played a French archaeologist. It is for me to return to the movie. There was also an interesting work on the show "Barbara", but shooting is frozen. That is about to be released film "The Angels have wings", his shot at the Sverdlovsk film studio. In Latvia, there are very few movies shoot, but to play in Russia, it is necessary to remind myself. I do not know how to negotiate, can not offer the producers themselves.

father of many children

The car stopped in a conventional apartment building. Climbing the stairs, we heard the children`s voices.

- They are my shout, - smiled Martins.

As soon as the owner opened the door, on the threshold of three children appeared smaller than the other, and all - a copy of the pope.

- Meet the smallest - Anna Gundaga Senior - Gustav Waldemar, but my average guy - Jacob Renis.

Oh, you are the father of three children!

- No. I am a father of seven children and a husband to four wives! But I do not have a harem, three wives - the former, I live only with one, four children from other marriages are adults. Of course, I help them all. How else?

- Zane, Zane! - Called loudly Martins.

In the kitchen pretty young woman entered.

- This is my wife and the mother of these kids - introduced us to her husband actor. - Well, my friends, let`s go to drink tea or coffee.

On the coffee table in a spacious room with fireplace stood a vase with sweets.

- Sit and help yourself - Zane suggested - and we are also going to have dinner.

With that, she unbuttoned her jacket and started to breastfeed 2-year-old daughter.

- I have all of their children up to two years of breast-feeding, - proudly said Zane. - We have a difference between each child - two years. That`s just 4 June youngest daughter turns two.

So, soon you will be the fourth kid?

Zane smiled, and from the next room came the voice of Martins:

- No no! I do not pull! I also still have to marry to give his eldest daughter!

In the living room and ran into the older kids started in the Latvian us somewhere to call. Zane explained that the children do not know Russian language. The father is only the elder gives lessons.

- They want to show you what the Pope! - she said.

We followed with interest the children. Senior Wilsons excrete a variety of tricks on the bar.

- Sorry, I was away for a few minutes - Martins embarrassed.

Zane proudly shared that her husband was involved in sports several times a day and this ritual is nothing to prevent.

- Until 2002, I had my own studio theater - the actor said. - But then I threw it all. Much has changed in my life, including the family situation. I parted with a previous wife. Away from it and felt guilty, because in that family were a daughter and son. My daughter Margarita now in Germany, studying for an opera singer, she has a very good voice. I try and eldest daughter, and her other children to support in monetary terms, and not only in this. I always came away from their families in what was, and never broke off relations completely. Well, how else do? All this is acquirable. Our current apartment - removable. But never mind, soon will build their own homes. All the spare money I give to your children. Here I have three children, married in the past - and two more in the previous two families one by one. I am already a grandfather a few times, because my eldest son - 35 years. He has three children. Second son - 30, daughter - 21, and her siblings - 19 years. My first wife was a hairdresser, the second studied with me at the actress, the third - the costume designer, while the fourth - a high quality dentist.

You said that you have four wives. But along with Zane has five ...

- Well, yes ... Just one marriage I did not have children, and I have not officially married to Zane. But the dowry is already one-and-something that would have to marry. I do not know good or bad, that I have so many times changed the family. For me the most important thing for a woman to accept me the way I have. For I know their weaknesses myself, but I do not like it when I start to rebuild. I want everyone to bylolegko and without tears in their family life.

almost died at BAM

In the army, serving in Latvia?

- ABOUT! I served so that the whole book is enough! From uchebki in Chernigov, since I was an excellent combat training, I was sent to build the BAM. Everything that happened to me - this is mine, nothing I regret and that would happen to me either, always happy, because even the negative things - life science. Although I barely came out alive.

Many young people who served with me under the Tynda, and do not have lasted until the end of army life. Were killed, did not learn of the Komsomol construction conditions. They each do as they wish, the officers sent to hell. On this construction site worked and ex-convicts who have established their own rules. Because of the chaos that`s going on, everyone was constantly under threat of death. So the school of life still the same. You know what happens if you do not wash the whole winter? Believe me - will not find it! Frost to 60 degrees are not allowed even to wash the snow. We slept in quilted jackets and caps. Because food was just porridge, which immediately froze, we warmed it in his bosom, and ate. Sick constantly and were themselves doctors treated self-suggestion!

Parents were shocked to learn in what conditions was their son?

- They are just nothing surprised! Mom and Dad would say, "Son, if you can stand it all, you will be a very strong person and you in life have nothing to be scared." My parents knew firsthand Siberia. They were there in exile, where I was born. Magadan region, village transport - this is the place of my birth.

More to go there did not have to?

- No, but fate brought me together with a guy who lived in this village. He told me that the barrack in which I was born was demolished and underneath found a huge gold nugget. So I was born on gold. On gold and - for love! My parents met there. My mother, her name is Zant, she studied at the actress, and someone snitched that she wants to escape to Sweden. For a long time no one did not understand it. 20-year-old beauty upekli to Siberia, where she lived for more than ten years.

Mom and now beautiful, although she was already 86. She lives alone 30 kilometers from the city itself to cope with the housework. She is very strong-willed person, always finds a class, she does not get bored. In 50 years, she learned German, and is now engaged in theosophy, he translates books. I have a brother of Eric, he`s an actor and write plays. And my sister Snedza - violinist, but now works as a psychologist, engaged in problem children. Our dad Roland Chekhovich died long ago. After exile in Siberia he developed silicosis - a disease in which the lungs kameneyut. "I just have a lot in gold" - joked the father. He always played sports, was the champion in table tennis. Logged I Wilsons my mother, but now in memory of the Pope writing hyphenated name - Wilsons Chekhovich.

You`re born on the 13th. This does not prevent to be happy?

- 13 - my favorite number.

With these words, Martins took photos. - Here are pictures from "Intergirl". Assume the role of a small, but the scene in which I participated, were filmed in Sweden! Abroad he went to the Soviet era. That`s what was in scope Todorovski. Two weeks where the crew worked. Peter Todorovski told me then: "You`ve got to see the strawberries in the winter!" All we had in the late 80s there was nothing shops.

And here is footage from the film "Mirage". Among the candidates for this role it was and Ivars Kalnins. Then I was lucky, and now at Ivar`s case fold better than all of us. Director Alois Brench was demanding and to itself, and to the actors. June 6 this brilliant man would have turned 80 years old. Take, for his "The Long Road in the Dunes" - this is a classic. "Mirage" The shooting took place in Yalta. A rock from which we jump to Mirdza Martinsone, filmed in Belogorsk. During the period of filming, I was in love. But not Mirdza, and another woman. Mirdza I really liked, but the twist with her novel was very dangerous. Her husband Martins Verdynsh played in this picture of the police and all the while standing at his wife behind.

Are you a jealous person?

- It was so, but then I realized that it is very bad. Zane I also nerevnivy. She`s just smart. I think that from my bullets can not escape in life and in the movies. I have a premonition that something should happen to me good. After all, her best role in his life, I have not played! It is your dream to work with Nikita Mikhalkov. I believe in fate!

With that Martins rose from the couch, I sat down at the piano and began to think to play ...

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