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Date of Birth: 04/11/1919

Age: 76

Place of Birth: The Bronx

Citizenship: Italy


Author: Alexei Bulatov

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Henry Martin Balsa (Martin Henry Balsam) was born on November 4, 1919, in the Bronx (Bronx), into a Jewish family. Son Weinstein Lillian (Lillian Weinstein) and sportswear manufacturer for women Balsamo Albert (Albert Balsam) was in high school Clinton DeWitt (DeWitt Clinton High School).

At school, Martin attended drama club. Also, the future actor was a student of Dramatic Workshop of the New School in New York (The New School, New York), which was led by an authoritative German director Erwin Piscator (Erwin Piscator). During the Second World War Bals served in the United States Air Force.

Professionally he made his debut in August 1941 - in the production of `The play addresses vse` (` The Play`s the Thing`) in the village of Locust Valley (Locust Valley). In 1947, directors Elia Kazan (Elia Kazan) and Lee Strasberg (Lee Strasberg) Balsamo selected to participate in a TV program for the organization of professional actors `Actors Studio` (` Acting studiya`).

Martin starred in several television series, including an episode of `The Sixteen Millimeter Shrine`` Twilight series zona` ( `The Twilight Zone`) and the series` The New Exhibit`. In the pilot episode of the NBC series `Five paltsev` (` Five Fingers`) he appeared in the form of a psychologist, as well as played in the drama series `Target: The Corruptors`, `Eleventh chas` (` The Eleventh Hour`), `breaking point! `(` Breaking Point`), `Alfred Hitchcock predstavlyaet` (` Alfred Hitchcock Presents`) and `Mr. Broadway`.

In Kinograf American actor came melodrama `In portu` (` On the Waterfront`) with Marlon Brando (Marlon Brando), a detective drama `12 Angry muzhchin` (` 12 Angry Men`) and the war drama Karl Malden (Karl Malden) `Limit vremeni` ( `Time limit`) with Richard Widmark (Richard Widmark).

Balsa played OJ. Berman (OJ Berman) in one of the best Hollywood melodramas `Breakfast at Tiffani` (` Breakfast at Tiffany`s`) with Audrey Hepburn (Audrey Hepburn) and her famous little black dress, sold at auction for $ 807 thousands. He played the role of Paul Girard (Paul Girard), and supplemented his track record of participation in the crime drama films Andersona` `(` The Anderson Tapes`), in the western thriller `Seven days mae` (` Seven Days in May`) ` Ombre: Brave strelok` ( `Hombre`), military comedy` Catch 22` ( `Catch-22`) and the Japanese-American action movie `Thor! Torah! Tora! `(` Tora! Tora! Tora! `).

Together with Gregory Peck (Gregory Peck) and Robert Mitchum (Robert Mitchum) Martin Balsa played in the crime drama J. Lee Thompson (J. Lee Thompson) `Cape straha` (` Cape Fear`) 1962, and then in 1991 m appeared in the remake of the film, filmed by Martin Scorsese (Martin Scorsese).

In 1965 Balsa won an Academy Award in the category `Best Supporting Actor for his role as Arnold plana` Burns dramedii `Thousand klounov`. In 1967 he was awarded the prestigious theater prize `Toni` for their participation in the Broadway production of Robert Anderson (Robert Anderson)` You know, I can not hear you, when pouring voda` ( `You Know I Can`t Hear You When the Water `s Running`).

The blockbuster Alan J.. Pakula (Alan J. Pakula) `All the President rat` (` All the President`s Men`) 1976, the actor looked great in the image editor Washington post` `(` Washington Post`) Howard Simons (Howard Simons). He also was a member of the American cult television series `Mystery Theater 3000 goda` (` Mystery Science Theater 3000`) and played James Arthur Cummings (James Arthur Cummings) Andrew V. MakLaglena (Andrew V. McLaglen) in the blockbuster `Mitchell`.

In 1952 Balsa married actress Pearl Sumner (Pearl Somner); after 2 years of their marriage broke up. His second wife was also an actress - Joyce Van Patten (Joyce Van Patten). In 1959, the couple`s daughter was born, Bals Talia (Talia Balsam). The second marriage lasted 3 years. Finally, in 1963, Martin third time to be bound by scriptwriter Irene Miller (Irene Miller). From the third marriage had a son and a daughter.

Martin Balsa died on February 13, 1996 from a heart attack in Rome, Italy (Rome, Italy), at the age of 76 years. He was buried in the cemetery of Cedar Park in Emerson, New Jersey (Cedar Park Cemetery, Emerson, New Jersey).

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