Martin Van Buren

Picture of Martin Van Buren

Age: 79

Place of birth: New York

Citizenship: United States


Born in 1782 in upstate New York in a poor family of immigrants from Holland. Van Buren was the only US president, whose native language was not English (ie Dutch). In addition, Van Buren was the first president born in the Independent States (and not in the British colonies).

Democratic Party in 1821 sent him as a senator in Congress. Here, Van Buren opposed high tariffs system, called for the sale of national lands or return the relevant states. In 1828, he spoke out in support of General Jackson, for which he, immediately after taking office, has appointed US Secretary egogosudarstvennym, and two years later, to stop the misunderstandings that have arisen in the office, sent as an envoy to London. The Senate, however, soon demanded his return, and in 1832 the Democratic Party fielded its candidate for vice-president at Jackson ran for a second term. After Jackson`s election victory Van Buren was the US vice-president (1833-1837).


In 1836, Van Buren was elected successor to Jackson; his rivals were Webster, Clay, and Harrison. Took office in March 1837. First of all, Van Buren was to put an end to financial difficulties, have achieved in recent years, Jackson`s management its climax. To this end, he proposed to definitively separate the finances of the state banks and arrange the state treasury in Washington and its departments in the provincial towns. This project, however, was decisively rejected, and Van Buren`s popularity declined.

The defeat in the election and failed attempts to regain the presidency

In the presidential election in 1840 was won by the representative of the Whig General Harrison. Van Buren`s candidacy in 1844, too, was not a success; Whig was elected president James K. Polk. The reason for this was partly distrust of him by the slave states, as has already v1841, the Van Buren vigorously opposed joining Texas without Mexico`s consent. Formed in 1846, the party