Martin Heidenhain

Picture of Martin Heidenhain

Date of Birth: 07/12/1864

Age: 85

Place of birth: Breslau

Citizenship: Germany


From 1894 he worked at the Department of dissector comparative anatomy, embryology and histology Wurzburg universiteta.V 1896 developed a painting technique using hematoxylin (ie. N. Heidenhain stain) .With 1917 Tubingen University, Professor anatomii.Issledoval microscopic structure of cells found in the centrosome resting cells, using the technique of painting. Written by well-known in the scientific world works on the structure of the cell nucleus, the heart muscle tissue, muscle volokon.V 1907-1911 gg. in "Plasma and cell" Heidenhain criticized cell theory R. Virchow, including its mechanistic interpretation. He believed that the vital functions of the body can not be reduced to an arithmetic sum of individual manifestations kletok.Geydengayn proposed the theory of "fractional parts of the body," arguing that the body is of higher and lower order system. In theory, that called Heidenhain sinteziologiey, he tried to oppose his dismembered body`s integrity.