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Date of birth: 08.09.1971

Age: 45

Place of birth: Aldershot

Citizenship: United Kingdom

The Hobbit and the end of the world

Freeman was born in Aldershot, Hampshire (Aldershot, Hampshire); He was the youngest of five children of a naval officer. Freeman`s parents divorced when Martin was just a child; 10 years old Freeman lost his father. Raised the boy in the best traditions of the Roman Catholic faith; special emphasis on the religious component in the education of parents do, but religion still had Martin pretty strong effect.

As an actor in a local youth theater Freeman tried his hand at age 15; completely confident in the prospects of the chosen path, Martin only after 2 years.

During his career, Freeman had to withdraw at least 18 television shows, play in 14 theater productions and a series of radio programs. One of his first really successful role was the role of Tim Canterbury (Tim Canterbury) in the series Ofis` `(` The Office`); quite productive, he starred in the comedy series `Hardware`. Later, he played in the film by Sacha Baron Cohen in `Ali G parlamente` (` Ali G Indahouse`) and in Richard Curtis` real lyubov` ( `Love Actually`).

C 2003, Freeman had begun to switch to relatively serious roles (although comedy genre did not leave). One of his first major role was the role of Lord Shaftesbury (Lord Shaftesbury) in istoricheskoydrame `Last korol` (` Charles II: The Power and The Passion`).

In 2007, Martin Freeman starred in Gavin Claxton (Gavin Claxton) `The All Together`.

Foreign spectators Freeman is best known for three roles. Firstly, relatively recently, Freeman played Dr. Watson (Dr. John Watson) in the next British series about the adventures of Sherlock Holmes; the first episode of the new series `Sherlok` (` Sherlock`) `A Study in Pink tonah` (` A Study in Pink`) released on July 25th, 2010 and received by the audience was quite warm - critics praised the play of Freeman and Benedict Cumberbatch ( Benedict Cumberbatch). For the role of Watson Freeman won `BAFTA` as` Best Supporting Actor, and was nominated for plana` `Emmi`.

In a recent project, Peter Jackson (Peter Jackson), the film adaptation of the book by John Tolkien (John Tolkien) `Hobbit` (` The Hobbit`), Martin Freeman starred - the hobbit Bilbo Baggins (Bilbo Baggins).

Edgar Wright (Edgar Wright) and Simon Pegg (Simon Pegg) in his` Trilogy Kornetto` ( `Three Flavours Cornetto`) involved quite actively Freeman; He played a small role in the first two films, `Zombie named Shon` (` Shaun of the Dead`) and `Type steep legavye` (` Hot Fuzz`) and will play a major role in the third film, `The End of sveta` ( `The World`s End`).

Author: Ivan Matkovskiy

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